Determining VPN Security Through IT Consulting in Los Angeles

IT consulting in Los Angeles

Can a VPN Be a Risk to Operational Security?

IT consulting in Los Angeles

IT consulting professionals in Los Angeles say that the answer to this question is “yes” and “no”, depending on the specific situation defining VPN operation. Because of the “lockdown” still practiced by companies and individuals almost a year after initial measures were taken, some employees at home are using non-approved devices to access VPNs. Accordingly, this opens VPN up to vulnerabilities from clever cybercriminals.

Determining If Your VPN Represents a Security Issue

The big determiner IT support experts in LA will point to, as a means of determining whether your VPN is compromised, regards the devices used for access. If employees use devices to access VPNs, that tech must be approved and vetted. Here’s what you can do:

Increase Security Protocols for VPN Access

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles first advise that you should expand security associated with allowing users VPN access. This may mean MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication), or MDM (Mobile Device Management); whatever makes the most sense. Consultation helps you choose the best option.

Look Into What Monitoring Solutions Are Available

VPN monitoring is a difficult prospect owing to privacy associated with VPN options. Working with an MSP can help you determine how best you may approach this issue in terms of security. There is always a “workaround”.

Restrict Non-Approved Devices from Network Access

IT professionals strongly advise approving devices known to be secure, and excluding those that aren’t. This extends to software. Third-party apps are generally vulnerable, a good rule of thumb is restricting devices with them from access. Again, it’s worthwhile to acquire consultation into specific situations to determine what devices or software should be approved.

Securing Effective VPN Security

IT consulting experts in Los Angeles may advise unique moves for VPN security. Three strong ones include increasing relevant protocols surrounding access, exploring what monitoring options are available, and restricting non-approved devices from access. To learn more about specific VPN security measures, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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