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Our IT Support Features For Orange County


With all encompassing IT services for all businesses throughout Orange County & Irvine, ADV has the perfect IT Support for you and your Orange County Staff.


Fixed pricing and a upfront monthly fee ensure no surprises await you and gives you forewarning to budget your IT Support expenses in Orange County


Our IT Support’s always on remote and onsite IT support in Orange County guarantees you will always have IT services protection for your for all aspects of your Orange County business

Aspects Of Our IT Services For Orange County

  • Staff Consultation
  • Fast Response
  • On & Offsite IT Support
  • Monthly Agreements
  • Agressive IT Support
  • Fast Ticketing System
  • Always On Monitoring & Support

What Our Current IT Support Clients In Orange County Say About ADV

Advanced Networks provides 24/7 enterprise IT support and Disaster Recovery for LA Weekly

ADV’s IT Support In Orange County has revolutionized student curriculum while providing remote cloud for staff

ADV works with Manufacturing Clients by Centralizing Applications, Implementing Thin-clients and providing Enterprise Support

Standout IT Services & Solutions for Orange County

Microsoft Server

Windows, Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL, Datacenters


Virtualization Server Consolidation Reduced Hardware, Power, Cooling & Costs

Antivirus and Security

Admin Console Updates hourly Protects against all threats

Network Management & Virtualization

Advanced Networks offers proven solutions to help build, support and monitor your network and IT infrastructure.

Complete Email & Security Solutions

Access to email – both on-site and remotely – is critical to your business productivity.

Total Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

Just imagine what would happen if your business suddenly could not access its data or its email tomorrow.

Remote Monitoring And Management

24×7 Monitoring.

Helpdesk Ticketing System

Portal Documentation

Advanced Networks

VoIP/PBX, Sync, DNS, Webhosting, Cloud hosting, Offsite Storage, Advanced Exchange Email.

IT Consultation

Even with one IT support staff member in house, it’s impossible for them to know everything. Choosing Advanced Networks IT support services as an extension of your in-house team will help your company grow safely.

Managed IT Support

In our modern day and age, Managed IT is a partnership dependent on reliability of service. With Advanced Networks for your Managed IT Services, every manager & employee in your business will enjoy the benefits of a dedicated technology partner.

Disaster Recovery

Is your company on its data? Would you be able to recover if your server was erased or down for weeks? What if the building burned down or a theft?

Business Continuity

Is the thought of a natural Or manmade disaster hitting Your business unthinkable? Protecting your business with data backup does not have to be stressful.

How Businesses Can Benefit from IT Consulting in Orange County

8580179 – a colorful sticky note arrangement shows a consulting improvement, plan, process, organization, expert advice, performance, strategy, and efficiencies labels.

In today’s competitive environment, businesses must use IT consulting in Orange County to help them reach new customers and increase production. Using a managed service provider is a cost effective practice that gives your business an edge over other companies. Here are a few more ways that your organization can benefit with the use of a managed service provider:

Fewer Distractions

Companies that use IT consulting in Orange County experience fewer distractions and can focus entirely on their specific job functions. Constantly dealing with IT problems can be frustrating and the use of a managed service provider will allow your employees to focus on their job instead of worrying about IT issues.

Consolidate IT Purchases

The use of a managed service provider provides greater efficiency because they can buy the most reliable IT equipment. They can deliver much better quality technology because they have access to the best equipment available. On the other hand, a regular employee will not have access to the vast majority of IT resources compared to a managed service provider.

Less Downtime

Is your company always dealing with downtime and lost hours? Dealing with IT problems can cause many hours of lost time. Fortunately, businesses that use a managed service provider can significantly reduce the amount of downtime. Your business will receive the latest security updates while also having 24/7 support if you encounter any issues or technical problems.

Reduce Costs

Organizations are always looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits. Using a managed service provider is much more cost effective than hiring your own personal IT team. They offer set rates and you do not have to worry about overtime, vacation, sick days, or training costs. Instead of constantly trying to manage ever-changing costs, you can have the peace of mind knowing that you will receive the best IT support at the same monthly rate.

Increase Productivity

Increasing production is a goal for companies in any occupation. Using a managed service provider gives your employees access to the best technology while also providing around the clock support. With the use of cloud technology, each employee can work in a variety of locations and not be confined to an office environment.

Employee Satisfaction

Happy employees make the work environment a much better place. Using a managed service provider makes your employee’s job experience much easier and more productive. They will enjoy the newest technology and receive the latest IT support. If they experience any technical issues, they can contact the managed service provider and receive support immediately.

Vendor Support

One of the main benefits of a managed service provider is the ability to receive the ultimate vendor support from the largest IT companies. On the other hand, contacting companies directly for IT support can be a frustrating and slow moving process.

Using a professional technology services provider offers a variety of benefits for businesses of all sizes. At Advanced Networks, we provide IT consulting for Orange County businesses— among other IT services. We offer the latest security updates and technical resources to meet all of your needs. Contact us today and let us help you begin reaching more customers and growing your business.

IT Consulting Testimonial from Orange County

Learn how Advanced Network has provided 24/7 enterprise IT support and Disaster Recovery for LA Weekly

Experiencing A Technical Emergency In Orange County? We Can Set Up A Free IT Support Call Right Now.

Our Priority Is To Get Your Problem Fixed And Your Business Running Again. After We Can Discuss How We Can Prevent These Problems From Happening In The Future.

Managed IT Support

We’ll manage all of your IT support for a flat fee.

Cyber Security & Data Protection

Keep your company’s data safe with maximum protection against breaches & Malware

Hardware as a Service

Complete IT hardware solution in one simple, monthly plan.

Choosing An IT Services Plan In Orange County

Why Advanced Networks?

ADV specializes in the maintenance, IT consulting, IT managed services, IT support and Services. We offer a full service management solutions, designed to offer the highest levels of reliability and performance. Our goal is to take the stress out of IT, so that your business can do its best.

Our comprehensive, state of the art management, IT services and automated systems allows us to provide superior service. By combining our advanced technology with our unique 5-step network management model, we are able to bring corporate-level support to the small and medium business enterprises.

  • All-inclusive service
  • Fast response times
  • Money back guarantee
  • Highly trained technical teams
  • Leading network management and automation
  • Consolidated Billing
  • Microsoft Certified
  • Employee training
  • 24/7 On hand support

Our Friends Help Us to Provide Better IT Support in Orange County

Here are some of Advanced Networks’ manufacturing partnerships & resources that we utilize to further your organization’s success.

An IT Services Orange County Google Review

“We have been on-board with Advanced Networks for a month now. I cannot express how happy we are with transitioning over to them and how impactful they have already been to our company. Advanced Networks team makes troubleshooting look…”
Anthony Sanchez

6 Reasons to Trust ADV For IT Support In Orange County

Money Back Guarantee

NO Contracts

Fast Response

Certified Engineers

Fully Licensed

Happy Customers

Our IT Services Office For Orange County & Irvine

9891 Irvine Center Drive Suite 200 Irvine, California 92618

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An IT Services Orange County Google Review

“I cannot say enough good things about advanced networks. We switched to them from a global IT company and the difference has been incredible. Issues that hadn’t been fixed for over a year with the prior company were top priority with…”
Anthony Sanchez

Our IT Support Orange County Team

Contact us or to schedule an appointment with one of our IT Support professionals in Orange County!

An IT Services Orange County Google Review

"Our company has worked with Advanced Networks for 2 to 3 years now. They provide us internet security, firewalls, offsite backup, secure emails, and on-going monitoring on our internet related activities."
Anthony Sanchez

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Our IT Services Expertise For Orange County


Cloud Services & Cloud Solutions combined with On Premises technology.


ADV transforms and implements technology that increases business productivity.


We learn your business and provide expert firsthand knowledge of your network.

Our IT Support Articles For Orange County

10 Ways to Identify Arrogant IT Services Providers inOrange County & Irvine

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The Top 10 Reasons to Work with Advanced Networks for IT Consulting InOrange County & Irvine

Advanced Networks’ It Services Center in Orange County

24×7 Support & Monitoring
Scheduled On-site Maintenance
Managed Service Agreements

Our IT Support Focuses For Orange County & Irvine


Round the clock maintenance and monitoring that keeps your network up and running. ADV provides IT solutions that help your business prevent downtime, and solve issues before they become problems.


Keep your data safe with automatic backups and a disaster recovery pla. Prevent data loss with encrypted storage and vitrtual recovery and then enjoy your employees increased productivity.


Protect your business from malware, hackers, and the most commonly avoidable security risk of all: human error. As the cybersecurity threat landscape changes, you need evolving protection.

Our IT Services Company Business Background For Orange County

 Advanced Networks is a growing and innovative Orange County & Irvine based IT Services ­firm in Orange County & Irvine that focuses on helping clients leverage technology in their organizations. We work with our clients to design, implement/support local and cloud based solutions, network & systems infrastructure and focus on improving overall operations.

IT Support for Orange County Services


Get IT Services, security, and IT support. Our experienced IT team will secure your networks 24/7 and provide you with peace of mind.


Get only the services your business needs. Whether you need a set monthly price or break-fix service, ADV has you covered.


With decades of experience serving Orange County & Irvine from Orange County, we can quickly dispatch our expert IT technicians to service your business.

At ADV, IT is Our Passion

We employ the best IT Support talent in the market. Because of their work, we are able to satisfy all of our our clients IT needs. For these talented individuals, satisfaction come from their job, whether that’s defending from cyber-attacks, troubleshooting connections, or recovering lost data. Explore our services to learn more about our incredible company.

A History Of Successful IT Services In Orange County


ADV Networks has one simple goal: give the same kind of IT support expected by large-scale corporations to small and mid-sized businesses in Orange County. ADV exists to serve as an extension of your business.

Integrity Is Core To Our IT Support In Orange County

ADV facilitates client growth throughout Orange County, offering enterprise-level IT support on a small business budget. Every member of the ADV team is committed to making your business great. Our goal is to provide the best possible support so your company has all the tools it needs to succeed.

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We Understand Managed IT Services In Orange County

  • Slow response to network malfunction?
  • Your technology moving too slowly?
  • Reoccuring network issues?
  • Disaster recovery fears?
  • Data loss concerns?
  • Suffering from lack of technology planning?

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Does your current IT services In Orange County stop you from getting your work done?

ADV’s IT Support is here for you

Technologyshould make your life easier, not cause all your problems. Unfortunately that can be the case and traditional IT can make matters worse. As of right now your current IT Support Provider gets paid more when things go wrong, so what incentive is there for them to be proactive and fix the little problems before they become big?

If your employees are spending more time with IT Support than speaking to clients, we can help. ADV’s IT Support can transform the way your network and business runs. Thanks to ADV you’ll save money, time, and relieve your IT headaches.

Call us or email us today to speak to an IT Support rep in Orange County!