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Have all Office Applications Easily Accessible

Looking for an easier way to Keep Office 365 Up-to-Date?

Trying to keep up with the newest version of Microsoft office, with all the files types and different version, in addition to complex licensing purchases can be a headache most offices would like to avoid. Now with our simplified system of cloud office you can.

Cloud Office places the evolving power of Microsoft Office at your fingertips. As software upgrades and updates become available, Advanced Networks’ Cloud Office service automatically keeps each client machine in sync with the latest developments. At an affordable monthly cost, you can avoid tedious migrations, complicating licensing schemes, and inconsistencies between file types. Cloud Office does it all, furnishing your company with the most recent software on the market.

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Efficient IT for Agile Business

Are you a new company in search of proven solutions for your network, but reluctant to begin a business with debilitating up front expenditures? Is your hardware and software archaic? Are you on the verge of costly upgrades?

Provision at the Pace of Business

Cloud computing services are not a zero-sum game. Rather, cloud computing should be thought of as complimentary to your existing in-house IT services. At critical moments in your company’s growth, new IT projects can provide significant revenue opportunities. You should never forego these opportunities because your in-house IT staff is too busy with their existing workload. Cloud services can help you identify which services make sense — and when they make sense for you so that you can pursue revenue opportunities precisely when and where they are most needed.

Key Benefits of Cloud Office:

Cloud Computing

The Cloud is simple. It refers to a process where all of your data, your email, and your software applications are stored on a server located somewhere other than your office. Advanced Networks manages and maintains the network infrastructure (including backup and storage) in a way that maximizes reliability and system performance. Utilizing the potential afforded by the cloud can lead to a number of benefits for your business. For one, doing so reduces the need for large capital investments in technology. Moreover, you gain the power to rapidly implement solutions when needed. Finally, by working in relation to the cloud, you gain the ability to adapt and adjust in accordance with the specific needs of your organization so that you’re only paying for the kinds of resources you actually require.   

Staying Ready for Unexpected Events

Advanced Networks’ Cloud Service allow you to alter capacity as your company’s requirements change. There are no long-term commitments. We evolve with your business’s aspirations. Cloud technology gives you the power to decrease the costs and burdens associated with attempting to anticipate and implement unnecessary IT infrastructure. Excesses in technology can mean that costly hardware gathers dust. Conversely, under provisioned companies experience problems with performance and the corresponding need for sudden and costly upgrades. Cloud technology allows you to scale your technological needs in relation to your demands, while producing marked reductions in regular maintenance and the time needed to implement upgrades. The risks associated with attempting to predict the capacity you may or may not need — in order to support potential increases in users and traffic — are thus mitigated. Purchasing new technology no longer has to be a guessing game. It becomes a calculated decision.

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