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With IT Services ranging five main backgrounds, we have offerings that fit your company’s needs while keeping your size, speciality, goals, and finances in tact. Advanced Networks IT services range from basic monthly IT services agreements to full cloud-hosted servers along with network designs. Our managed IT service background stands out. We hold a diverse and varied clientele with whom we have worked closely as each continues to realize their business potential. Our consulting services have helped guide companies while giving the best bang for their buck through tier 1 and flexible tier 2 IT service. Our Network Operation Center (NOC) services have led Advanced Networks enterprise offerings to grow worldwide. We are an intimate, versatile, and efficient company ready to respond to your business aspirations and needs.
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Cloud Services in In Los Angeles

Cloud Services

Our cloud services range in including full cloud-hosted servers as well as more basic hosted email platforms, network design as well as off-site communication collaboration. These services are offered in different forms, including: Hosted Exchange, Cloud Office, and SharePoint. Through Hosted Exchange, users are able to operate in compliance with the legal regulations of their respective field without compromising communication tools or cost expenditures. With Cloud Office, our clients stay current with Microsoft software—and by extension, with the broader technological and computing advances at large. SharePoint technology is most useful for communicating confidential and/or financial information on a secure and reliable network. These services allow users to share and edit information while retaining the highest standards of privacy.

Managed IT Services

We do our best to make sure that you can do yours. Our 24/7/365 support team is committed to keeping your business running at the highest levels of efficiency day and night. Our One Stop Shop custom service and versatile staff ensure that customers receive what they need when they need it. Our Advanced Analytics allow customers to assess their technological as their business grows in close conversation and collaboration with us. We are here to make sure that your business grows as you see fit.

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IT Consulting Services

Advanced Networks provides consulting services to your IT Team, including virtualization, security services, and network designing and integration. While your in-house IT Team is focused on resolving challenges on a day-by-day basis, Advanced Networks helps you imagine and respond to the bigger picture. Keeping your systems secure, helping you maximize the potential of purchased technology, and harmonizing existing technological capacity are our specialty. Our consulting services help you get the most out of today while reaching for the promise of tomorrow.

Enterprise Solutions In Los Angeles

Enterprise Solutions

By virtue of our versatility, Advanced Networks is able to provide the same kind of efficient and intimate services to larger enterprise level companies. In these contexts, we focus on keeping track of your network plus servers and are prepared to compliment your existing IT staff with support, consultation services, centralized ticketing systems, secure email services (through Hosted Exchange), and online document sharing to facilitate collaboration (through Hosted Sharepoint).

We specialize in particular security. Nothing could be more imperative in today’s day and age, when hackers have access to an array of devices, including spam emails, viruses, phishing, botnets, malware, and rootkits. We are committed to protecting your data (including personal data for employees), your intellectual property, and your assets. Advanced Networks keeps you safe in a precarious technological terrain by employing a variety of necessary techniques. Our services include: reviewing firewall and router logs, architecture for DMZ’s on your network, and the incorporation of VPN technology for all remote users.

Should Break-fix Customers Change their Expectations for IT Services in Los Angeles?

I was surprised the other day when I spoke with a local business that was experiencing downtime as a result of server failure. I assumed that I had a hot prospect on my hands that would be disgruntled by having to lose business while waiting for their IT Services provider to come to the rescue of their Los Angeles based business. However, I was surprised when the business owner told me that they were perfectly happy with their current IT company. It took a minute for me to realize that this business owner was still in the custom of waiting for their computer systems to experience a problem and then wait for their break-fix IT company to save the day. This entrepreneur was used to waiting and thought it was just part of normal business routine.

This experience caused me to wonder how many other companies still believe that it’s normal to experience downtime when their network malfunctions and are all too happy to wait for a tech to show up and save the day.

The truth is that today with the current RMM (remote management monitoring) tools the idea of experiencing run-of-the-mill IT outages is a thing of the past. Every aspect of a computer network and in particular endpoints can be monitored and can trigger an alarm when possible threats are detected. When leading indicator problems are detected they can be proactively corrected before triggering a major server failure.

No business should be waiting for their computer equipment to breakdown before calling a repair man, as this concept is antiquated. If your business in Los Angeles is still operating with the break-fix model then it’s time to make a change.