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Network Design & Integration

Network Design and Integration

Transform Your Business

Elevate Your Business With State of the Art Network Design Services

Network Design: Enhances efficiency, boosts collaboration, ensures security, and supports scalability for seamless business growth

Network Integration: Utilizing advanced networks for integration enhances efficiency, bolsters security, and accelerates business growth.

Technologies: Optimize with Cisco, Juniper, VMware, SDN, NFV, Cloud, and IoT integrations for advanced network capabilities

Security: Ensure robust security with network security measures, firewall implementation, VPN integration, intrusion detection, security protocols, and threat mitigation.

Management: Efficient network management, encompassing performance monitoring, configuration management, troubleshooting, network optimization, and disaster recovery planning, ensures a resilient and optimized IT infrastructure.


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“I cannot say enough good things about Advanced Networks. We switched to them from a global IT company and the difference has been incredible. Issues that hadn’t been fixed for over a year with the prior company were top priority with Advanced Networks” - Anthony Sanchez Owner
Doug Anthony Sanchez

What Your Business Will Receive

Our business is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation. By regularly adopting cutting-edge technologies, we ensure optimal efficiency, enhanced capabilities, and sustained competitiveness in the dynamic market landscape.

Your Hardware is not connected without cabling and connectors. Our Network Engineers will utlize the best fit cables and connectors for your business. 

All of your computers need Networking softwares to operate. These softwares are what makes your devices useable. We make so your business has the best and is up to  date. 

Network Services

Our networking services optimize your business connectivity, enhance data security, and ensure seamless collaboration. Elevate efficiency with cutting-edge technology, positioning your business at the forefront of innovation.

Security Components

Our business implements state-of-the-art security components, safeguarding data integrity and privacy. With advanced technologies, we provide a robust defense against evolving cyber threats, ensuring comprehensive protection.

Management and Monitoring

In order to keep all of your new technology in tip top shape, we actively monitor your network to make sure there are no problems. 

Protocols and Standards

Protocols and Standards are set into place to help all you employees to work efficiently. Our Protocols also improve standards in employee onboarding. 

Backup and Redundancy

In the event disaster hits, your business will be protected with a backup. Every file you have is protected and easily obtainable with a back service.

Documentation and Policies

Documentation is important with, so you as the client and us as the provider can stay connected. This will also be use when audits are required or investigations acure. 

Making sure you have capable hardware and technology is only a portion of the equation. To maximize your investment, your system needs to be correctly networked through recommended methodologies. From topological design, to network assessments, all the way to Network Design & Integration completion. Your Network Blueprint is one of the main features for your company’s Technology. Make sure it is done by best-practice procedures. Our engineers can get started on the right path.
Network Design & Integration in California and Oregon
Advanced Networks offers Network Design & Integration throughout California and Oregon

Best Practices to Streamlining Existing Networks

Advanced Networks has experience in Network Design and architecting networks in a way that reduces cost and increases efficiency through best practice methodologies for server deployments, user-machine refreshes, wireless network deployment, etc. If you need assistance in setting up a new network, or streamlining your existing network, we can help.

Network Integration Services

System Integration

System integration streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and ensures seamless collaboration, fostering a cohesive and interconnected technological ecosystem for businesses.

Network Implementation

Network implementation executes strategic plans, deploying robust solutions for seamless connectivity, reliability, and optimized performance in diverse business environments.

Integration Solutions

Advanced network integration solutions streamline operations, enhance connectivity, and provide adaptive frameworks for efficient communication, security, and scalability in businesses.

Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with advanced networks ensures smooth operations, optimized performance, and enhanced connectivity, empowering businesses for efficient and reliable processes.


Interoperability with advanced networks ensures seamless communication, compatibility, and collaboration, fostering an integrated and efficient technological environment for businesses

Network Consolidation

Network consolidation with advanced networks streamlines resources, enhances efficiency, and creates a unified infrastructure for optimized performance and scalability in businesses.

Network Security Services

Network Security

Advanced network security safeguards data, mitigates threats, and ensures robust protection, creating a resilient and secure environment for businesses.

Firewall implementation for networks in advanced systems fortifies digital security, safeguarding against threats and ensuring reliable data protection for businesses.

VPN Integration

VPN integration for networks in advanced systems ensures secure, encrypted communication, fostering privacy and reliable connectivity for businesses in diverse environments.

Intrusion detection in advanced networks enhances safety, identifying and responding to threats promptly, ensuring a secure and resilient environment for businesses.

Security Protocols

Security protocols in advanced networks establish robust measures, safeguarding data and network integrity, ensuring a secure environment for business operations.

Threat Mitigation

Advanced networks employ threat mitigation strategies, identifying and neutralizing potential risks, ensuring a secure and resilient environment for businesses.

Industry Leaders Trust Our Network Design & Integration

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Network Management Services

Network Management

Network management optimizes performance, ensuring reliability, security, and scalability, contributing to the seamless operation of advanced network infrastructures.”

Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring in advanced networks ensures optimal functionality, reliability, and efficiency, enhancing overall system performance for sustained business operations.

Configuration Management

Configuration management in advanced networks optimizes settings, ensuring consistency, security, and efficient performance, vital for stable and reliable network operations.


Troubleshooting in advanced networks ensures prompt issue resolution, maintaining seamless operations, and minimizing downtime for reliable and efficient network performance.

Network Optimization

Network optimization in advanced systems fine-tunes performance, enhances efficiency, and ensures seamless communication, contributing to a robust and resilient infrastructure.

Advanced networks implement disaster recovery plans, safeguarding against data loss, ensuring business continuity, and minimizing downtime for resilient operations.

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