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Why Advanced Networks

Why Advanced Networks

Why Choose Advanced Networks Among Other IT Companies?

  1. We are a local company – We are close by and ready to come in and discuss the different ways we can resolve your toughest IT issues. Our initial consultations are always free.
  2. We have happy clients – We receive extremely high client feedback scores, which leads to our many long-term clients, going all the way back to our company’s founding in 2004.
  3. We listen – We take the time to fully understand your business process, your current budget, and your expectations to make sure we are offering the best solution for you.
  4. We provide proven quality IT solutions – We offer proven and market leading hardware, software and services with an A-Z convenience and at resonable prices from technology leaders such as VMware, Dell, IBM, HP, Citrix, CISCO and Microsoft.
  5. We are responsive – That’s why Advanced Networks is committed to making sure that every client receives a timely response within one hour of creating a ticket.
  6. We provide speedy support – We understand how critical your office network is to you; that is why we offer our top tier remote support services. Thanks to this service, we can securely access your workstation network via the Internet so you don’t have to idly sit around for an engineer to show up. If we can’t fix it through remote, we guarantee to dispatch a technician on-site to resolve your problem.
  7. We provide user-friendly service – Computer network systems can be complicated, and part of our guarantee involves first-class client communications. Our engineers welcome all questions. If you have a question or problem, your answer will be delivered with both clarity and patience. Our staff translate complex computer concepts into simple terms that anyone can easily understand.
  8. We Guarantee Absolute 100% Satisfaction – The complete satisfaction you deserve awaits you with our technology consulting and IT services. We’ll go the extra mile with our IT management services to make sure you are a completely satisfied customer.
  9. We deliver projects on schedule and within budget – As your trusted partner to perform network services, IT consulting, or to complete a project, our cost will be fixed with an accurate estimate beforehand. We will not surprise you with unexpected charges as some incompetent technicians will. We deliver proven solutions, on schedule and within your budget.
  10. We are reliable – You should expect that no damage will be done to your computer network or your data. Before we start working on your computer or network, we will evaluate your problem and alert you to any potential risks. If there are any risks, they will be explained in detail, and your approval and agreement will be obtained before the work commences. You can also choose to have your hard drive and data backed up before we start any work on your machine.
  11. We won’t leave you stranded – If we do a project for you, our team will ensure your staff have the capabilities and knowledge for continued success.
  12. We are proactive – We provide managed solutions to prevent downtime, data loss, and other disasters from happening before they affect your business.
  13. We keep you informed – We continuously provide webinars, lab days, seminars, newsletters, and tech tips to provide our clients the knowledge required to stay ahead of the curve.
  14. We are flexible – We adapt to your needs. Whether you need supplemental support for your IT staff or the confidence that comes with a turn-key solution, we are always ready to help. And if you aren’t sure what level of support you need, we’ll help you choose just the things you need.
Managed IT Services

Perks of Our Managed IT Services

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the service provided, we will give you your money back. We want you to receive the support you need

No Long Term Contracts

Cancel any time if you feel we are not meeting our Service Level Agreements SLA

60 Minute Response

We offer UNLIMITED IT SUPPORT no matter the time or where you are.  Can’t sleep and working at 2am? You still be able to get IT Support.

100% Certified Engineers

Our Network Engineers are some of the best in the world and are certified to fix all of your problems 

Fully Licensed & Insured

We are in the business of protecting businesses, so we make sure we are also protected

Awesome Customer Service

We know our clients are not always tech people, so we make sure our Network Engineers are kind and understanding

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