Cloud Services

Cloud Migrations

With the rising dependability and falling prices of cloud services, many companies are taking a long hard look at migrating to the cloud. At Advanced Networks we offer you a cloud consultation to see what services, if any, are beneficial and/or within budget. If we discover that it makes sense for your business, we will handle the migration A-Z.

Cloud Services in In Los Angeles

Perimeter Security

Advanced Networks provides a web application firewall service that blocks attacks to your system in a defensive posture. At the same time, as part of our proactive and preemptive approach to security, Advanced Networks equips your system with three mechanisms designed to detect and prevent attacks before they even occur: external network vulnerability scanning, an Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and rogue wireless access point scanning. External network vulnerability scanning identifies possibilities for attacks to your network before outsiders get a chance to do so. IDS monitors for violations and malicious activity within existing networks and systems. Rogue wireless access point scanning further ensures that any attempted attacks are foiled, again before they occur.

Host Security

Advanced Networks establishes host security through a series of mechanism. First, we offer a hypervisor-based network firewall for each secure cloud server. Second, we provide hardened OS images and OS patching features (which allow for rapid repairs). Third, we validate your company’s IT infrastructure by regularly monitoring the integrity of your files — a process that allows us to identify a breach if and while it occurs. Finally, fourth, our advanced antivirus services are accompanied by malware protection.

Log Management

For the uninitiated, one of the most daunting features of network technology is prospect of managing the large volumes of computer-generated log messages. Our services provide a tidy way to organize this data. For those customers concerned with security, system and network operations, and regulatory compliance, Advanced Networks offers customizable 12-month log storage and retention schedules including: log collection, long-term retention, log aggregation in one central location, log analysis, log search, log reporting, and log retention. Logging generates a number of additional benefits. It gives us information that helps identify (and destroy) bugs in your applications and websites. But most importantly, in aggregating the logs for all your systems, we restore your sense of control.

Secure Remote Access

SSL and L2L VPN connections allow offices in different fixed locations to use the internet (a public network) in order to established a secure connection directly with one another. Site-to-site VPN extends your company’s network even further and acts as a necessary resource for those companies expanding across the country or internationally.

Advanced Networks provides services that allow your company to make these connections securely. We use 2-factor authentication (including a physical form of identification), which significantly minimizes the prospect of successful phishing expeditions, online identify theft, and fraud used to breach your network.



Encryption technology is most often used to secure credit card transactions, data transfers, and logins. Most recently, it has also become the norm for browsing social media sites. Encryption refers to SSL certificates with extended ID validations. These certificates protect incoming and outgoing messages. We provide encryption through the use of small data files. These files attach a cyptographic key to the details of a particular organization of information. When those files are installed on a web server, they activate a padlock. The ensuing https protocol then allows for secure connections from a web server to a browser.

Every company utilizes email. Not every company approaches email infrastructure with an eye for organization. Advanced Networks’ Hosted Exchange platform allows your company to offload the hardware and software requirements for managing your company’s email traffic and data. We know how important email is for your company’s internal and external operations. That’s why we provide data centers to ensure constant connectivity.


Whether you have staff that needs to collaborate from multiple locations or simply need a platform to offload your document storage, hosted Microsoft SharePoint is the answer. Collaboration is made easy with a single site for staff to work on documents together. Additionally, with SharePoint you’ll get enhanced security via HTTPS and the ability to manage content centrally without the need to buy a single piece of hardware or software.

Best of all, you don’t need to spend a great deal of your time and IT budget getting all of these benefits. IT administrators can rely on Advanced Networks to construct the platform and host it then allow you to manage it as you see fit. You get all the benefits without the hit to your capital expense IT budget, with full control to boot.

Cloud Office places the evolving power of Microsoft Office at your fingertips. As software upgrades and updates become available, Advanced Networks’ Cloud Office service automatically keeps each client machine in sync with the latest developments. At an affordable monthly cost, you can avoid tedious migrations, complicating licensing schemes, and inconsistencies between file types. Cloud Office does it all, furnishing your company with the most recent software on the market.

Microsoft Lync

Face it, for IT administrators email is equal parts pleasure and pain. Sure it’s useful, but it is cumbersome as well. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Microsoft Lync is the best tool for instant communication.