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Microsoft Lync

Experienced IT administrators know: Microsoft Lync is the best available tool on the market for the purposes of engaging in instant communication. Email is useful but just as well a pain to use. For fast-paced business environments where communication is key, Microsoft Lync changes the game.

Free Up Your Budget via Efficiency

Advanced Networks provides hosting services for Lync, thereby removing the costs accrued on your part for the hardware and software purchases required to make Lync work. This frees up your IT budget for other expenses. At the same time, the implementation of Lync services leads to increased efficiency across the board. With the use of Lync, your staff will be able to directly communicate with one another — chatting, talking, or in video — at the push of a button on any device (desktop, tablet, or phone). It allows your staff to hold seamless virtual meetings regardless of their actual physical or geographic location. Lync users who are not part of your staff may also access and attend these meetings through their web browsers.

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