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Quick Support

Advanced Networks’ Quick Support tool allows our service desk to provide remote assistance using TeamViewer software to establish a remote connection to your desktop.

To Receive Assistance with Quick Support

1. Download the Quick Support TeamViewer Software


Windows QuickSupport Tool
This download is a program file that you can double-click to run


Mac OS X QuickSupport Tool
Opening this file displays a window with the QuickSupport program.

2. Run Quick Support

Save the downloaded file to your desktop and double-click on the TeamViewerQS icon to start the software. Remote control is only possible when this application is running.

Note: Windows users may get a warning from your antivirus software when launching QuickSupport. You can safely ignore this message.

You will see a window with an ID and password. The ID is specific to your computer. A new password is generated each time you launch the program.

Advanced Networks quick support

3. Allow remote control by support technician

Provide the ID and password that you see in your QuickSupport window to the Advanced Networks technician.

4. Quit QuickSupport

Close the QuickSupport application to terminate the remote control session. You can keep the software on your computer for future assistance, or delete it and download it again if it is ever required in the future.

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