Virtualization ensures that we are maximizing your company technology and getting the biggest bang for your buck. The days of server handling single applications are in the past. Traditional workstation are no longer the single way for your staff to get work done. Your server resources are no longer forced to be under utilized. We can improve your efficiency and reduce your overhead through Virtualization. Maximizing technology and getting the most of the hardware for which you spent good money. No longer are servers reserved to handle single applications. Traditional desktop computers are no longer the only way for your employees to work. Server resources no longer need to be under-utilized. We can improve the way you operate and reduce your operational costs through virtualization.

Reduce Cost with Market Leading Software

By using virtual systems you in effect get the capability to do things you could never do with a physical machine. Utilities such as taking a snapshot, fail-over migration, and resource aggregation. This in effect leads to lower hardware costs, more redundancy, and an intelligent self governing system that will maximizes the resources of your server. Advanced Networks is well-versed in managing your work and orchestrating the migration of your network to a virtualized one of efficiency.