3 Reasons Why CPA Firms Need to Partner with an IT Services Provider in Los Angeles

3 Reasons Why CPA Firms Need to Partner with an IT Services Provider in Los Angeles

IT services Los AngelesA CPA business must always keep data confidential. An IT services provider in Los Angeles can ensure that they receive the highest form of protection from data breaches, cyber attacks, hardware failure, and other risky situations. Failure to partner with an IT provider significantly increases the chances of data loss, especially in today’s chaotic business climate where new data breaches are occurring at a record rate. Fortunately, these dire situations can easily be avoided. Here are three reasons for CPA firms to partner with an IT service provider:

1. Perimeter Security

The first layer of protection against cyber threats is intrusion detection systems and a firewall that can prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the network. For example, an IT provider can help your CPA company configure settings that meet the needs of your organization and they will continually look for ways to improve their services. Your company will also receive ’round-the-clock monitoring services, which can help eliminate many issues before they develop into a widespread problem.

2. Endpoint Security

Another important reason to partner with an IT services provider in Los Angeles is that it can help your CPA firm stay protected with the help of endpoint security. Endpoint security simply means securing various endpoints of the network, which includes mobile devices, laptops, desktop computers, and even areas within the network. An IT provider can help establish standards that must be met before a user can gain access to the network from their own personal device. These safeguards will ensure that each employee is following proper protocols and can help your company avoid suffering through a costly data breach.

3. Customer Support

Partnering with an IT provider will also give your business access to the best customer support available. If you ever have any questions, you can contact the IT provider at any time and receive the answers you need without delay. Your company will also receive frequent security and maintenance updates, which play a critical role in ensuring that all your information remains confidential. An IT service provider will also periodically review their services and make the necessary changes to ensure that your business is receiving the highest standards of customer service.

Partnering with an IT services provider in Los Angeles can benefit your CPA firm in a multitude of ways, which includes customer support, network monitoring, and state-of-the-art security measures. At Advanced Networks, we provide ’round-the-clock support at an affordable cost for CPA companies and a wide variety of other businesses. We understand the importance of data security, and our top priority is to provide companies with protection while also helping them take advantage of the latest technology. Our technicians are available to answer questions and will ensure that your CPA firm receives the best protection possible. On the other hand, failure to use an IT provider poses too great of a risk as new cyber threats are being created on a daily basis. Contact us now and let us discuss how we can keep your CPA business safe and protected.

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