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Cybercriminals are always finding new ways to exploit software programs. Choosing to partner with IT consultants in Los Angeles is critical in giving your company much-needed protection. OneDrive and Sharepoint attacks are increasingly growing in popularity, as users are much more likely to click on malicious links hosted on a Microsoft domain. Educating your employees on these ever-evolving threats is essential in staying ahead of cybercriminals and keeping your information safe.

Here are three ways IT consulting professionals can keep your company safe against these cyber threats:

1. Stay Aware of Phishing Scams

SharePoint attacks usually happen once a cloud account is compromised due to a phishing scam. An attacker will upload a malicious file and change the sharing permission to “public,” which makes it possible for anyone to click on the infected link. The attacker will also share this link to your entire contact list, which further spreads the malware. Educating employees on how to recognize common signs of a phishing scam is critical in staying one step ahead of these cyber threats.

2. Monitor Your Network

Malware from a phishing scam can quickly spread throughout a network and impact each user in the workplace. The best way to defend against these cyber threats is for an IT service provider to monitor your network and find the source of the attack. Real-time network monitoring from IT consultants in Los Angeles can prevent many cyber threats from spreading in the workplace, which is essential in limiting downtime and keeping your information safe.

3. Create Secure Passwords

Cybercriminals often take advantage of weak passwords to gain access to OneDrive and Sharepoint accounts. One of the best ways to protect against these threats is to create a password policy for each employee. A password needs to contain a minimum of 10 characters while also including numbers, symbols, and uppercase or lowercase letters. Enabling multi-factor authentication also gives your account added protection.

Let’s Strengthen Your Business’ Cybersecurity

Advanced Networks will give you the best cybersecurity solutions. Cyber threats are constantly changing, and staying one step ahead of cybercriminals should be your top priority. Staying up to date with these cyber schemes is an excellent way to stay proactive. Our IT consultants in Los Angeles will give around the clock support to meet the needs of your business. Contact us now to learn more about how we can keep your business safe from all kinds of cyber threats.

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