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Orange County managed IT servicesCloud computing offers numerous advantages in the workplace, and Orange County managed IT services providers can help your business fully experience these benefits. However, migrating to the cloud isn’t always an easy task; but an IT service provider is always available to guide you through each step of the process. Here are four ways that a managed service provider can help your company successfully transition to the cloud without any issues:

#1 Align Existing Technology

One of the main ways an IT service can help you smoothly transition to the cloud is by aligning existing technology to create a much smoother migration process. A managed service provider can also identify any potential system incompatibilities that may not work in the cloud. An IT service provider can help you access these legacy systems while still allowing you to take advantage of cloud technology in other areas.

#2 Identify Security Vulnerabilities

Migrating data to the cloud is a risky process and is especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. However, Orange County managed IT services providers can give your business an extra layer of protection by encrypting all your data that is migrating to the cloud. Encryption prevents cybercriminals from accessing your information and provides you much-needed peace of mind during the entire migration process.

#3 Estimate Costs

A managed service provider can help you determine the total cost of migrating to the cloud. Understanding these costs is essential in deciding your budget without worrying about any hidden fees. An IT provider can also compare the costs of using the cloud or hosting all your data in-house over an extended period of time. Realizing these costs savings is one of the main reasons why more companies are switching over to the cloud.

#4 Train Employees

Training each employee on how to use cloud technology is essential to maximize productivity and avoid any frustration in the workplace. An IT provider can train employees on all the features of the cloud and is always available to offer additional support at any time. Employees that understand cloud technology are much more efficient in handling a wide range of tasks in the workplace.

At Advanced Networks, we offer Orange County managed IT services for a wide variety of small businesses. Our IT experts can help you easily transition to the cloud, and we are more than happy to answer any questions. We always take pride in offering the best customer support to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our IT services. Contact us today to learn more about the many advantages of using cloud computing in today’s work environment.

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