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Orange County managed servicesMalware is one of the most common cybersecurity threats in the workplace, but an Orange County IT support provider (MSP) can help keep your computers safe and secure. Malware can disrupt the day-to-day business operations of your company and make it almost impossible for employees to remain productive. However, understanding the common signs of a malware infection is essential in today’s work environment.

Here are five common signs that your computer is infected with malware:

1. New Homepage and Toolbar

A new toolbar or changes to your homepage are a few examples of a potential malware infection. Many times this occurs if an employee accidentally clicks on a link that downloads malware to your device. The best way to remove any forms of malware is to run an antivirus scan for your entire computer system.

2. Unusual Error Messages

Another common sign of malware is if you receive unusual error messages that appear randomly. Sometimes your computer may randomly shut down or tell you that you do not have access to certain areas. Always keeping your computer up to date and downloading antivirus software is essential in keeping your system protected. You may also need to reinstall your operating system if you continue to experience error messages.

3. Disabled Antivirus Protection

Some types of malware will disable your antivirus protection for your computer, which is especially true for advanced forms of malware. However, you can reach out to an Orange County IT Support provider to help you remove all kinds of malware while also giving your business access to around-the-clock monitoring services.

4. Strange Messages That You Didn’t Send

Malware can also send messages from your Facebook account and other social media platforms without your knowledge. It is essential to immediately log out of all your accounts on each device and change the password. Always using a complex password and two-factor authentication are just a few ways to keep your accounts safe and secure.

5. Unfamiliar Desktop Icons

Malware will often download unfamiliar desktop icons that can create data breaches and pose significant security risks for your business. An MSP will walk you through step by step on the best way to remove malware without causing further damage to your computer.

Malware continues to grow in complexity and cause a wide range of IT security issues for businesses. Advanced Networks is one of the leading companies that offers Orange County IT Support for small businesses. We understand the many dangers of malware and can help ensure that your entire computer system is safe from these malicious threats.

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