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LA IT supportAccording to LA IT support providers, businesses in several industries have found that hiring a managed service provider (MSP) makes a significant difference. If you are ready to find an MSP to help your company, it is important to take time to find the one that fits your needs best. Here are five questions you can ask when hiring an MSP:

1. How long have you been in business as an MSP?

Like other companies, an MSP or IT consultant in LA usually starts out as a small operation before growing as business picks up. A larger MSP which has been in business for a few years may be a better fit for your company and its organizational needs.

2. What experience do you have in my industry?

Industries have different IT needs. Some industries have legal requirements they have to meet. A good example is healthcare. Federal regulation requires healthcare providers and insurance carriers to keep patient data secure. You need an MSP that has the appropriate experience in your industry.

3. How does your support process work?

The reason you are looking for LA IT support is because you need help. You need to know how the MSP handles support requests. Will they answer the phone 24/7? Will upper-level support be available at night or on the weekends?

4. Do you offer on-site support?

Remote support is expected when you hire an MSP. However, on-site support is not always available. The fact is some IT problems require on-site support. If the MSP doesn’t provide on-site support, find another one.

5. What kinds of services do you offer?

When you look at different MSPs, you will find they offer a number of services. The exact services they do provide can vary widely. You need to know what services the MSP provides to tell if they are a good fit for your needs.

These questions will help you determine if an MSP is a good fit for your company. If you need LA IT support, contact us at Advanced Networks today.

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