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Orange County managed IT servicesCyber-attacks are increasing in number and sophistication— and they are targeting businesses of all sizes. According to the study by the National Cyber Security Alliance, one out of every two small businesses has experienced a cyber-attack. Therefore, upgrading your cybersecurity isn’t optional. Here are five reasons why you need to outsource your cybersecurity to an Orange County managed IT services provider:

#1 You Have to Protect Sensitive Data

Hackers target businesses in certain industries because they have sensitive data like confidential research, customer data, and IP information. These include companies in manufacturing, healthcare, government, finance, and legal. However, companies in other industries can be just as vulnerable. Specialized IT pros can secure this information and keep your company safe.

#2 Your Employees Are Using Personal Devices on Your Network

If you haven’t implemented a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy yet, it’s probably too late to stop your employees from using their smartphones to check email or a personal laptop to work on a company document. Even if you don’t have a BYOD policy, you can still implement one with the help of a cybersecurity expert.

#3 You’re Expanding Your Cloud Use

It’s a smart business move to leverage cloud services and storage. If you are planning on expanding your use of the cloud, you are going to be opening your company up to more security risks. Before you do the expansion, it’s a good time to contact an Orange County managed IT services provider to help secure your cloud assets.

#4 You’ve Already Had a Cyber Attack

If you are one of the lucky companies that have survived a cyber-attack, you know the damage it caused. You need to upgrade your security now to prevent another attack. Outsourcing your IT security will get you 24/7 monitoring and a team of specialists on call. Your data will be protected and your IT staff can focus on other areas.

#5 Your Staff Doesn’t Include a Security Specialist

Hiring IT security specialists is expensive. Not only do you have to cover their salary, but you also need to plan on paying for ongoing training and classes to keep them up to date on the latest cybersecurity threats. With outsourcing, you gain instant access to a team of security specialists. And it will likely cost a lot less than hiring your own team.

Don’t let your company remain vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Now is the time to outsource your IT security to keep your digital business assets safe. Contact us at Advanced Networks today — we are the Orange County managed IT services provider that can secure your IT assets and protect you from attacks.

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