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Creating a strong password is essential in keeping your data well-protected at all times. On the other hand, the use of a simple password is a major security risk that can lead to a data breach and ruin the reputation of your business.

Here are five simple tips shared by managed IT services experts in Orange County to help you create much more effective passwords in the workplace:

1. Avoid Using Personal Information

Avoiding the temptation of using personal information in your password is important to make it much more difficult for hackers. Social media makes it simple for cybercriminals to find out detailed information about you, which can help them guess your password if you use any of this personal information.

2. Use Longer Passwords Mixed with Letters, Numbers, and Symbols

One of the most effective ways to create a password is to include various uppercase and lowercase letters while also including numbers and symbols. Making the password much longer is also a good way to further protect your account and make it much more challenging for hackers.

3. Make it Memorable But Not Simple

Constantly having to reset your password wastes a lot of time and exposes your account to hijacking. Creating a memorable password that is easy for you to remember without being too simplistic is essential in avoiding the frustration of always resetting your password.

4. Avoid Re-Using Passwords

Many people are guilty of re-using the same passwords for multiple accounts. However, it is important to avoid this temptation, as it exposes all of your accounts to a hacker if he or she successfully guess your password. Reaching out to managed IT services providers in Orange County is a great way to learn how to create effective passwords for multiple accounts by using a password manager.

4. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Using two-factor authentication gives your account additional security from cybercriminals. Two-factor authentication requires an employee to verify their identity by responding to a text message or an email within a certain time period. This method is especially effective at protecting accounts because it is unlikely that a hacker will also have access to your phone or email address.

Understanding how to create secure passwords is essential for any employee. Advanced Networks is one of the leading providers of managed IT services in Orange County. We can help you create a strong password to keep your accounts well-protected at all times. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the importance of using secure passwords for all of your accounts!

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