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One of the key benefits of outsourcing IT support in LA is access to top talent. Many organizations think that third-party providers offer only services, what they don’t realize is that these very services are delivered by highly-trained specialists whose expertise can be tapped upon request. Most of the time, this is already included in the bundle, so failing to maximize it is a missed opportunity.

The Challenges of In-House IT

Recruiting top talent is an alternative to availing consultancy services, but it does come with its share of problems. A fully functioning IT department should be composed of multiple experts, each one skilled in a different specialty, such as hardware, software, security, administration, support, to name a few. This means that companies that want to build their in-house IT team should have ample funds for recruitment. Specialists usually ask for bigger salaries than generalists, so companies must offer competitive compensation packages to attract the cream of the crop.

Aside from recruitment, companies should also have budget for employee retention. It’s one thing to hire the best and the brightest, but it’s another thing to get them to stay for long. You don’t want a high turnover rate, because not only is it costlier to replace leaving employees, but it’s also damaging to the morale of the remaining staff. The last thing you need is for more employees to leave just because others have already left.

Large companies may have the resources to spend on both recruitment and retention, but small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) don’t. It doesn’t make sense to spend so much on peripheral IT needs if the focus on core business needs suffers in the process.

The Best Solution for SMEs

In this day and age of outsourcing, tapping into IT support for your business in LA is both a practical and strategic move to get access to top talent. It’s practical because it costs much less to subscribe to consultancy services than to start a whole team from scratch. It’s also strategic because it cuts down the time and effort it takes to build an IT department and goes straight to working with a readily available team composed of credentialed specialists with years of experience.

Another factor to consider is that in-house IT employees’ decisions may be influenced by management, however indirectly. But the point of view of a third-party provider is much more objective, so you can expect honest assessments of the current state of your company’s IT approach.

If you’re looking for a reliable provider of IT support in LA, our teams of experts at Advanced Networks are happy to be of service. Contact us now for more details.

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