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The Worst-Case Scenario Is a “When”, Not an “If”

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Managed IT services providers in Orange County highly recommend the development and maintenance of a secure backup strategy as one of your first lines of security defense. User error can crash your system. International intrigue can send viruses around the world which digitally damage any network they touch. Natural disasters can backhand your operation.

What Solid Backup Looks Like

Between legitimate mistakes, cybercrime, and natural disaster, there are plenty of reasons your system could be compromised. To not experience a network crash is more remarkable than to experience one. Accordingly, you should prepare. Following, we’ll briefly cover a few features of solid backup strategy you want to factor in:

Backup Strategies Need to Be Made In Advance, and Tested

You should take careful stock of all your data, develop strategies built around managing it over the long-term, and test them. You want more backup space than available data. You don’t want to stress your backup solution. As you plan out your network initially, you should simultaneously be planning for backup management, testing, and future upgrade. Consultation through managed IT services experts in Orange County can be a key factor in this process.

What Data Develops Off-Site? Account For It If Possible

Some employees will work from home. Some will take data home with them. Some viruses specifically seek out data and destroy it, steal it, or encrypt it for ransom. You need to know what information integral to your business is generated off-site and how you can protect it in terms of backup. There are automatic options which can immediately store information on an on-site server or hard drive configured for the purpose.

Prioritize Important Data, Use Multiple Backups

Generally, there’s a threefold strategy you’ll want to incorporate as pertains to backup. You’ll want no fewer than three separate backups. You don’t have to use the cloud to backup, but this can be a good idea. Regardless, you want at least two of your backups to be on different sorts of media. One should be located off-site should there be some sort of disaster that impacts your operation’s physical premises. This is comprehensive.

Effectively Securing Your Data

A managed IT services provider in Orange County like Advanced Networks can help you develop effective backup strategies, test them, prioritize data, maximize off-site data management, and incorporate multiple backup solutions. Contact us now for more information on the right backup strategies for your business.

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