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Creating a business continuity plan is a key aspect of having IT support in LA. A business continuity plan offers a wide range of benefits, such as reducing downtime, limiting data loss, and giving your employees much-needed guidance for a variety of situations. However, creating a business continuity plan can also lead to a variety of mistakes if you aren’t careful. Keeping a few things in mind is essential in avoiding these common errors in the workplace.

Here are a few ways an IT service provider can improve your business continuity plan and help you avoid these common mistakes.

Too Broad of Testing

Focusing on creating a business continuity plan for the entire company can often be too broad and cause you to overlook various aspects of your business. Instead of testing the system in full, it’s much more effective to break it down into multiple phases. Focusing on specific areas can help you create a more detailed plan without accidentally overlooking areas of your business.

Misplaced Digital IDs

Each employee will need access to their digital IDs during an emergency situation. However, digital IDs aren’t usually saved in a backup, as employees need to keep track of this information themselves. An IT support provider in LA can email these digital IDs to each employee to ensure they can regain access to their computer without being completely locked out.

Lack of Remote User Licenses

An IT service provider will give each employee remote user licenses to access software from outside of the office in the event of a disaster. However, it’s important to add more licenses for new employees, or you may not have enough available during an emergency. Giving an IT provider an updated list of your employees is essential to ensure everyone has a license available to use.

No Communications Strategy

Communication is key during an emergency. A lack of communication increases the chance of making mistakes while also making everyone’s job much harder. An IT provider can help your business develop a communications strategy to ensure everyone is on the same page with each other. Using emergency communication apps is also helpful. An IT provider will also test these systems on a regular basis to ensure everything is working at an optimal level.

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