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A botched email migration will lead to all sorts of additional problems down the line, many of which you will not know about until they rear their ugly heads when you least expect it. Your internal team will end up frustrated and clients will feel neglected. Let’s take a look at the mistakes to avoid when segueing to Office 365 as identified by our IT support team in LA:

Underestimating the Amount of Work Involved in a Migration

Shifting to Office 365 will require some time and effort. When in doubt, ask for assistance from our IT support team in LA. After all, the fastest way to find something out is to ask those who know the answers. It is going to take some time to replicate your existing environment and tie up all the loose ends. Plan for a fairly time-consuming project that requires your attention from beginning to end.

Starting Blind

Do not venture into this type of project blind. Your existing IT environment should be analyzed prior to the migration to Office 365. The discovery process should take stock of mailbox settings, resource mailboxes, shared mailboxes, company contacts, permissions, distribution groups, etc. Ideally, your hosting provider will help you through the discovery of your existing IT environment prior to the migration process.

Service Disruptions

Do not schedule your migration for a time when there is a good chance of an email service disruption. The last thing you need is for your team to miss important emails or prove unable to access the system amidst normal hours of operation. The exchange of mail is typically at its highest Monday through Friday. Try to schedule the migration for the comparably slow weekend period.

Assuming the Migration Will be Quick and Smooth

When it comes to migrations, it is best to hope for the best and plan for the worst. It is going to take some time to move your data. Remain patient, notify users of the pending switch to the new system and you will have done all you can to ameliorate this transition.

Negatively Impacting End Users

The end user should not be negatively impacted by the transition to Office 365. It is up to the IT department to notify employees of the pending shift and prepare them for the transition. A few configurations might be necessary such as readjusting the client settings in Outlook, yet the remainder of the transition should prove seamless.

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