How to Avoid VoIP Phishing Scams with IT Support in LA

How to Avoid VoIP Phishing Scams with IT Support in LA

IT Support LAThe use of VoIP phishing scams is on the rise, and companies that use IT support in LA are able to prevent these attacks through the use of a managed service provider. Many businesses rely on VoIP technology, which enables employees to use voice, chat, and video technology in an all in one device. Unfortunately, many cyber criminals are using VoIP technology to create fake numbers and scam people. These cyber criminals can easily hide their real identity and use multiple numbers to reach a wide variety of businesses with minimal risk of detection.

Method of Operation

These scammers typically pretend to be a government or bank representative calling about confidential information, which can range from employee files, bank details, or specific company information. They can also change their number to imitate an official bank to further the deception. They can either make personal or automated phone calls on a non-stop basis to increase the chances of successfully deceiving an individual or company.

Easy Set-up Process

VoIP is very easy to set up, and it does not require an extensive amount of technical knowledge. Criminals that understand the basics of VoIP technology can have it all setup within a matter of minutes. The hardware to run this scheme has also become much more affordable, which makes it even easier for criminals to setup this deceptive practice. These criminals can also change their numbers often to avoid being caught and leaving behind a trail of evidence.

Caller ID Manipulation

Tampering with caller ID can make numbers appear to be from legitimate companies. They can appear to a bank employee or financial institution that your business uses on a daily basis. Fortunately, the use of IT support in LA can help you avoid becoming the next victim of this vicious scam. The use of a managed service provider will enable you to identify potential scams and avoid losing valuable data to these cyber criminals.

VoIP Scamming is Cost-Efficient

The use of VoIP technology enables cyber criminals to target a global audience at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional phone system. Instead of paying for each call, they only have to pay a low-set fee per month and are able to reach a much wider audience through automation calls.

How to Protect Yourself

One of the best ways to prevent your employees from VoIP scams is through stringent information sharing policies and continual employee training. Employees that are restricted in sharing valuable information over the phone are much more likely to avoid becoming the next victim of these cyber criminals. Offering ongoing training will help employees differentiate between legitimate businesses and scams.

The use of VoIP technology has many benefits, but it can also be very dangerous. Cyber criminals can easily manipulate the system to steal valuable data from companies of all sizes. The use of IT support in LA can help you avoid becoming the next victim while utilizing the latest technology. Advanced Networks is a managed service provider that provides protection from a wide variety of security threats. Our technicians are specially trained to answer any questions and help assist you with cyber security. Contact us today and let us begin working together through the use of technology.

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