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IT support LAPeople beyond those who work in the tech realm should understand and use encryption. Do not be intimidated by this word. Encryption is not as complicated as it seems on the surface. Encryption is nothing more than a math system to encode information so only the recipient can understand it. This digital safeguard is a reliable means of protecting user privacy and preventing data theft. Below, our IT support team in LA explains the basics of encryption in layman’s terms anyone can understand.

The Two Top Encryption Methods

Symmetric and asymmetric encryptions are available. The symmetric version of encryption, commonly referred to as secret key encryption, is applicable to the sender as well as the recipient who have the same keys necessary to encrypt and subsequently decrypt the message. The other form of encryption, asymmetric encryption, also referred to as public-key encryption, relies on a key pair. Key pairs are public keys that encrypt messages and private keys used for decryption.

Data Encryption

The primary purpose of encrypting data stored on a computer or another device is to guarantee the data is protected and your privacy is preserved. Encrypting data is especially important when transmitting intellectual property. Even businesses that store in-depth backups and rely on secure passwords can benefit from the added protection provided by encryption. Endpoint encryption provides another protective layer for the sensitive data stored on computers as well as information stored on removable types of media ranging from DVDs to USBs.

Connection Encryption

Relying on a wireless connection to access the internet is quite convenient yet wireless connections tend to be insecure compared to wired connections. It is comparably easy for hackers and data thieves to intercept information transmitted across a wireless connection as opposed to a wired connection. The last thing you need is for your valuable login credentials and other private data to be stolen simply because you hopped onto a wireless network. Websites rely on the HTTPS protocol to encrypt data transmitted between different parts of the web. Such a secure connection does not ensure 100% security. However, using an HTTPS website minimizes risk as only the site the data is transmitted to can decrypt it.

Why Encryption is so Important

Though encryption is not completely invincible, it will prevent the vast majority of evildoers on the web from accessing your data. Encryption safeguards identity, privacy, critically important data and just about everything else transmitted over the web. If your business has not yet implemented encryption, our IT support team in LA can help you make use of this essential digital security technology.

We are on Your Side

At Advanced Networks, our IT support team in LA is here to help with your digital security needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about encryption and schedule an appointment with our IT experts.

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