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LA IT support providers can help you utilize cloud computing to its greatest advantage. The target is moving; the goalposts are shifting. If you want to remain competitively viable, you’ve got to stay abreast of these changes. Today, we’re delving into several considerable advantages you can enjoy from a well-configured cloud computing solution. They include:

  • Reduced operational costs
  • Increased mobility
  • Greater security surrounding information
  • Scalability and manpower

Reduced Operational Costs

There are numerous ways cloud computing can save your business money. You can make the infrastructural shift incrementally if needed, or you can do it all at once. A total cloud solution could ostensibly outsource all technology costs to a single predictable monthly fee. Think of it as a turnkey franchise for the internal IT needs of your business. With cloud computing, you can surrogate internal server arrays, networks, network interfaces, and everything else associated with such equipment. You can additionally outsource end-user portals and devices through the Device as a Service (DaaS) facilitation; a solution by which the cost of the user equipment can be reduced.

For example, if a server cost you $10k over a year’s time, replacing 10 of them with a cloud solution immediately can save $100k. If you’ve got 100 end-user portals, each averaging $1,000 annually, that’s another $100k you’ll save. Subtract cloud costs and the soon-to-be-available DaaS solution, you’ll likely be able to cut 75% or more from your tech budget through the cloud. It will differ per business, so ask the LA IT support provider you’re considering what your best move is.

Increased Mobility

With cloud computing, you’re able to access your network from wherever you happen to be, provided there’s a secure internet connection and those who need access have the right information. This allows you to apply bring your own device (BYOD) protocols to operations. Through such solutions, you can reduce the cost of devices and potentially cut down on rent as you outsource entire departments to the workplace of their choice via the cloud. This often leads to expanded productivity. It’s easier to be productive when you can work on your own terms as needed.

Greater Security Surrounding Information

Cloud computing has an onus for security that usually makes it a better solution than internal options. With cloud computing, you’ve got people providing a service that must be secure for ongoing competitive viability. As a result, proactive monitoring, support, and backup solutions are more cohesively sourced via the cloud; the ultimate result is— more reliable data security for your operation.

Scalability and Manpower

Cloud computing reduces the need for specific personnel, as well as the need for specific IT equipment. This makes expanding outward simpler and reduces staffing costs simultaneously. It’s easier to scale, and it’s less expensive.

Securing Your Cloud Solution

LA IT support through Advanced Networks can reduce costs, increase mobility, increase security, reduce manpower expenses, and facilitate more organic forward scalability as your business grows. Contact us now for cloud computing solutions, as well as many other professional IT business fixes for your developing operations.

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