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Having IT support in LA is crucial, especially when there is a significant change in the IT industry. After Microsoft announced that it would be rebranding some of Office 365 plans with Microsoft 365, there were many questions that SMBs asked. Questions such as does Microsoft 365 include the same apps such as Office 365 and is the cost of the new platform different?

According to Microsoft, M365 was to retain all the apps, and the subscription cost wouldn’t be affected. M365 has more to offer in Artificial intelligence, security features, cloud storage, and sharing.

Here are a few benefits that Microsoft 365 has to offer for your business:

Continued Operations

If your system crashes or your workplace is destroyed by floods or fire, you get stuck. This is because you have no website, data, and servers to keep you running. Statistics collected in 2015 by the U.S. Institute for Business and Home Safety showed that 25% of small businesses do not reopen following a major disaster.

However, if you upload all your data to the cloud, all your data and business documents, such as emails, will be available. With the help of IT support professionals in LA, you will be up and running regardless of the catastrophe that strikes your business.

Improved Data Security and Control

In the cloud, data security is no longer something to worry about. Microsoft 365 has built-in security and provides continuous compliance so that small businesses can put more focus on crucial matters. With Microsoft 365, you know where your data is and who has access to it. In addition to this, M365 allows data access from anywhere and anytime. Fortunately, with the security features it offers, you can set controls for the use of data, with restrictions such as Do Not Forward, Do Not Copy, and remote wipe.

Allows Synchronization of Productivity Tools

Microsoft 365 allows you to keep track of all your moving parts. With this platform, you can sync contacts, emails, and calendars across devices. For instance, updating a contact on your phone will be updated automatically across all your devices.

This is an excellent feature that allows businesses to get the most from M365. With this, you have access to the same data from anywhere using any device.


Microsoft 365 allows easier sync of all your devices, improves data security and control, and allows you to keep running your business in case of a disaster. To get quality IT support in LA, get in touch with us at Advanced Networks. We will gladly address your needs.

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