Benefits of Cloud Services to Your Los Angeles Business

Benefits of Cloud Services to Your Los Angeles Business

As a way of cutting on their upfront capital and overhead cost, businesses have resorted to sourcing for cloud services in Los Angeles. Instead of downloading apps, programs, and software to a physical computer to run them, cloud computing grants you access directly from the Internet. By so doing, the burden of setting up a data center at your premise is removed off your shoulders. Are you wondering how this would save you money?

  • Not establishing your own data center means that you will not have to purchase servers
  • Having a data center will require you to hire IT experts. Moving to the cloud saves you employment costs
  • Without having servers in your business, you cut on electricity costs
  • With a data center, you must have spare hardware that you use if one of your machines fails. Business-wise, this spare hardware is “idle money” that could be put to better use. Without the data center, this won’t be necessary
  • Last but not least, cloud computing comes with economies of scale. Since your cloud computing provider hosts your workload and that of other clients, the servers are maximally utilized. As such, all clients hosted by those servers share their maintenance cost. The provider will, therefore, charge you less.

Cloud services in Los Angeles can save you money— a lot of it. Besides saving on cost, there are other ways to which your business would benefit by moving your business workload to the cloud. Here are some examples:


If your business fluctuates seasonally, you need to have the flexibility that will allow you to adjust from one season to the next. Cloud computing services are tailored in a way that you can increase your cloud capacity during peak season and reduce it during low season.

New Technologies and Solutions

It goes without saying that cloud computing providers have a deeper knowledge of software and other technological solutions. By partnering with them, your business gets a fair share of this knowledge. You definitely can’t get that from an in-house IT team.

Automatic System Upgrade

To update software from your data center will, in most cases, require you to shut down the system completely. No production goes on during the shutdown and that will negatively affect your business. Updating the same software from the cloud will not require you to follow that route since it is automated.

Data Security

Many businesses are investing hefty amounts of money in safeguarding data from cyberattacks. With your data moved to the cloud, the responsibility of data security goes to your cloud computing providers. This helps you to worry less and focus more on other managerial responsibilities.

Work from Anywhere

When your data, apps, software, and programs are stored in the cloud, it means that you can access them from anywhere, provided you have access to the Internet and the data itself.

At Advanced Networks, we offer cutting-edge cloud services in Los Angeles. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of cloud computing and how we can help you utilize it for the betterment of your business.

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