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Security breaches remain a major concern for all types of businesses. The unprecedented amount of threat posed by cyberattacks makes it necessary for law firms to increase the level of security around them. Through IT services, law firms are able to improve security, increase productivity, reduce cost of operation, and improve compliance.

Law firms keep a large volume of personal, sensitive, and confidential information of their clients. For this reason, the firms are targets for cybercriminals. Therefore, it is essential for law firms to use IT services. The article will discuss the benefit of IT services and managed IT services to law firms in Los Angeles.

Enhanced Security

Managed IT services help law firms get access to state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies and practices that are mostly limited to enterprise corporations. Since most law firms use case management software, managed IT services monitor and manage the security of your confidential digital information. Advanced Networks can help law firms in Los Angeles with the Managed IT services needed to improve security.

Improved Accessibility

Lawyers often need access to confidential and sensitive information and documents at any time or place. Consequently, it is crucial if access to be secure. The benefit of IT services helps legal professionals to store their files in the cloud where the information is secured and accessible from any Internet-connected device.

Higher Productivity

Slow internet, server breakdown, and other issues involving IT are common in any organization. But, these setbacks hurt the productivity of workers in the organization.

The IT support handles all kinds of IT issues to help organizations reduce server and network downtime through the use of redundancies, security measures, and disaster plans that stop issues or threats that hinder productivity.

Bolster Compliance

Since law firms handle a vast amount of sensitive information about their clients, it is necessary to comply with government regulations for data security. The managed IT services that we provide at Advanced Networks can assist law firms in Los Angeles to bolster compliance with the continually changing government regulations.

Reduced Operational Costs

Working Internet doesn’t only improve productivity but reduces operational costs. The firm will see savings related to floor space, human resources, and infrastructure, etc. According to statistics, managed IT services help reduce IT related expenses by about 25% or more. In addition, the lawyers have round-the-clock access to vital information for a lower cost than before.

Fixed Budgeting

The fixed monthly payment alternative given to law firms by managed IT service providers enables them to know the exact amount they pay for IT services. So the organization can plan for IT expenses instead of being surprised by unexpected costs.

Provides Level Playing Field

Many smaller law firms are not able to pay for in-house IT support services that larger firms keep. In addition, small practices often don’t budget for significant systems upgrades or updates. For this reason, the smaller law firms lag on the technology curve.

Engaging the services of managed service providers offers smaller legal practices a competitive advantage. It also gives them access to smaller technology and greater expertise than larger firms enjoy.


Law firms, identical to other businesses, are open to growth and change. With expansion comes a higher need for software upgrades, servers, and desktops, and support systems to manage them well. Working with a managed services provider helps law firms in Los Angeles access recent technologies and the security measures. With this, the law firm can continue operating a growing practice.

Legal Application Expertise

Line-of-business applications (LOB) such as document management systems and cost-recovery systems are critical to the continued success of any legal firm. With the increase in the number of LOBs, the integration of such applications becomes more difficult.

Managed service providers can engineer these apps to work nicely with standard horizontal apps such as Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Creative Cloud. Also, MSP will help remove a larger portion of frustration and inefficiency.

An experienced IT support from managed service providers working with Law firms is able to participate in potential issues related to the law profession, understanding each practice’s operational needs. Outsourcing IT to managed service providers permits attorneys to focus on their clients and cases without interruption or delays as a result of connectivity or backup concerns.

Proper Coordination

Most law firms operate a business from any locations, and they fail inappropriate coordination. The use of Managed IT Service Provider will help law firms bring uniformity to their operations.

Factors That Will Help You Choose the Ideal Managed IT Services Providers

Business continuity, backed by continuous improvement and innovation is a significant need of many organizations in different sectors. Managed IT Services presents an opportunity, making monitoring and execution of complex IT tasks easier than ever.

For you to decide on which Managed IT Service Providers to choose, consider the following factors:

Your IT Needs And Managed IT Service Providers Offerings

The first thing to consider before making any business deal, identifying the areas of improvement before going for a service provider. Considering this step helps you select a perfect match for your IT needs.

It is best to have a clear match between your requirements and the MSP offering. A perfect IT MSP performs technology auditing, helping you access the current situation, reveal gaps, and areas of improvement.

Market Portfolio and Presence

It is crucial to understand your selected MSP’s portfolio, market presence, experience with firms like yours and previous clients. With this in mind, you will access their capabilities, ability to meet up industry standards, and more.

For this reason, you need to consider these factors because they will give you confidence in moving forward with a specific painter.


As law firms depend on the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of its data, the lack of security awareness can create severe revenue loss and reputational damage. Therefore, a law firm needs to partner with the appropriate Managed IT Service Provider to give them the security they deserve. Contact us today at Advanced Networks to know more about our services. We can offer you Los Angeles law firm a personalized Managed IT solution.

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