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Orange County managed IT services

Orange County managed IT services could help push your business past its stagnation point. Your IT functions would be taken over by a savvy and well-equipped team that might help to improve your business operations.

Some of the advantages of managed services to businesses include:

  • Faster response to service requests
  • Proactive issue management
  • Configuration and change management
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Security and compliance
  • Employee education

Ticket Resolution

Managed service providers (MSPs) will provide customer service to end-users, solving short-term requests and tech glitches and account setups. The help desk function of an MSP helps to achieve continuity and efficiency in business operations. Fast ticket resolution helps to reduce employee downtime in your organization.


Similarly, Orange County managed IT services providers can help with service desk assistance (long haul IT management). They can provide endpoint security and implement robust data protection measures on the cloud, on your network and devices. Through a speedy incidence response, MSPs can help to minimize damages and losses from data breach incidents.


When it comes to compliance, some of the most complex regulations include NIST, FINRA, and SOX. A highly expert team is often needed to speed up the process (before external auditors knock on your door) and to reduce the costs incurred in the compliance process.

MSPs’ compliance services might include policy formulation assistance, threat assessment, data storage and protection, incidence response, vendor management, and employee education among others.

Real-Time Monitoring

The other advantage of managed services is 24-hour monitoring and proactive issue resolution. The control helps to detect issues before they arise. MSPs will ensure that your data is being regularly backed up and that your firewalls are working optimally. The experts will also help to maintain your business software and track performance.

Application Modernization

MSPs can help with cloud migration. Moving your business operations to the cloud can save you the high costs of maintaining legacy software. Modernized apps also perform much better, are faster, and much friendlier to the end-user.

Without the right consultative support, the application modernization process can end up being too costly or lead to severe downtime in your business.

Business Strategy and IT Leadership

IT has a crucial role to play in the attainment of your business objectives. MSPs can help you create the right IT strategies that feed into your overall business goals. In a consultative capacity, MSPs can help in policy formulation, budgeting, technology acquisition, and vendor management.

At Advanced Networks, we are all about helping businesses get more value from their IT capital. Our Orange County managed IT services will breathe a new kind of speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness into your business operations. Contact us today to learn more about our company and services.

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