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IT consulting in Los AngelesDo you accept downtime as a part of doing business? You and your employees sit around while your IT guy tries to get the problem fixed. It costs you in wasted time and lost business opportunities. According to experts on IT consulting in Los Angeles, there is a better solution known as remote monitoring and management or RMM for short.

RMM involves engaging an experienced IT team to monitor and manage your IT infrastructure from outside the company’s physical location. This is usually done through a managed service provider who specializes in RMM and similar services.

Benefits of Adopting the RMM Approach

  1. Critical problems are identified and resolved quickly – When a major problem hits your infrastructure, the best way to deal with it is to identify it as soon as possible and get an experienced technician to work on it right away. RMM makes this happen.
  2. Minor issues are resolved before they become critical – Many critical problems start out as minor issues that are not properly addressed. Finding those minor problems and resolving them prevents them from ever becoming critical.
  3. Preventative maintenance helps keep your infrastructure safe and sound – Technology requires routine preventative maintenance in order to run smoothly. That means applying patches where needed and making adjustments to optimize performance.
  4. Downtime becomes a rare exception – With preventative maintenance and 24/7 monitoring, downtime will decrease significantly. It will become a rare instance that is usually resolved as quickly with minimal impact.
  5. Network security moves to the head of the line – Cyber-attacks are a reality for businesses of all sizes, according to experts on IT consulting in Los Angeles. A key part of any RMM arrangement is taking a preventative approach to network security by applying appropriate security patches and enhancing both hardware and software security measures.
  6. Productivity and peace of mind increases – As downtime decreases and security increases, your employees can focus on their jobs without worry about a system going down at the wrong time. It also offers business owners and managers peace of mind that their systems are in good hands.
  7. You get the information you need – Business owners and managers must know what is going on with their technology. Engaging a managed service provider for RMM services offers you the experience and expertise of a seasoned IT staff. If you have questions, you get answers.


These benefits show why RMM is a good fit for many companies. If you have any questions or want to learn more, contact us at Advanced Networks today. We offer MSP, RMM, and IT consulting in Los Angeles.

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