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IT support Santa AnaThrough the adoption of workspace-as-a-service (WaaS) solutions from IT support providers in Santa Ana, mobility has become the norm in the workplace. From data centers to virtual desktops, businesses now run on flexible IT environments. The WaaS model offers a centralized workspace to give employees access to all resources in a virtual environment for maximum productivity.

With the advances in cloud computing and the integration of BYOD policies, it is essential to have an open structure for the efficient exploitation of business technology.

Here are the top advantages of WaaS:


Running different user accounts across various applications to allow access to cloud services is a time-consuming effort. Besides, provisioning cloud-services one at a time and assigning multiple logins results in a disorganized and inefficient workspace. On the contrary, WaaS facilitates the creation of an all-in-one solution for a managed IT environment for all of your day-to-day IT processes.

Increased Efficiency

The chief benefit of WaaS provided by IT support providers in Santa Ana is the fast access to the tools for implementing new technologies. Using advanced technology to provision your workspace enables IT-based processes to be executed efficiently and within schedule. Also, it removes the barriers to the adoption and deployment of new technologies within your organization.

Besides, a centralized IT environment gives you a better approach to the management of your business technology. For example, deploying software updates and cyber defense tools in a single instance secures all of your IT infrastructures.

24/7/365 Availability

The concept of WaaS is centered on the need to cater for human behavior. Supporting the need for flexibility in the workplace allows your employees access to all work tools on their BYOD devices. Thus, they can tap into the power of business technology at any time from anywhere, carry on with their projects, and collaborate with other team members. As a result, you’ll realize increased mobility and productivity.

Better Security

WaaS solutions provide mobile device management, access management, and data encryption tools for enterprise systems. These tools allow for the access of information through secure connections without the risk of security breaches. Besides, the security tools track user activity and allow for the remote wipeout of user accounts when needed.

Whether you want to avail email services, database resources, or active directory applications to your employees remotely, a qualified IT support provider in Santa Ana can help you do it. Besides, if you are new to IT virtualization, you can request a comprehensive technology roadmap for your specific business needs. At Advanced Networks, we provide businesses with tailor-made IT solutions. Contact us now to learn more about our services.

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