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IT support providers in LA commonly have to pick up the pieces when poor password protocols leave their customers wide open to hack attacks. Though many MSPs advise customers to establish stronger password protocols, that advice isn’t always heeded. Your company needs to have strong passwords, and this isn’t something to gloss over as regards overall security.

Tactics in Password Creation and Protection

IT services professionals in LA advise taking professional steps toward password creation, establishment, and maintenance. Here’s the big takeaway: no solid passwords remain the same long. Continue the following:

Passwords Need to Be Periodically Changed

IT support experts in LA strongly advise changing passwords as often as it makes sense to. Underhanded hackers who steal passwords will be automatically locked out if you’re always changing passwords. Some companies change passwords daily, some weekly, some monthly. Really, at minimum, you should change passwords at least once a month.

Properly Managing Passwords Avoids Repeats and Unnecessary Complication

When you’re changing passwords with exceptional regularity, that’s going to require you to have some sort of management protocol in place to avoid confusion and reduce complications in associated creation, as well as management.

Special Characters, Numbers, Letters, and Length Play a Part in Password Efficacy

Make sure your passwords aren’t easy to track. Your password shouldn’t be “awesomeness” or “P@s$w0rd”. Such passwords are very easy to hack. You need to have almost random collections of computer symbols. For example, “$38n08,kal” would be a fine password. Be sure you’ve got a minimum of eight characters–more is better.

Passwords That Make for Better Security Overall

Our IT support team in LA can help you keep passwords changed at proper intervals, manage such passwords, and ensure they’re complex enough to be hard to hack. To learn more, get in touch with us at Advanced Networks.

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