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MDM and Associated Management Options

IT support professionals in LA strongly advise Mobile Device Management (MDM) protocols for your small to medium-sized business (SMB). Even if you’re running enterprise-level operations, you’ll need some sort of management solution.

Varying Solutions In Device Management

IT services providers in LA can facilitate solutions for businesses of all sizes. Here, we’ll briefly explore key options in this area to help assure security and productivity defines mobile device use. These options include:

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Enterprise Device Management
  • Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Unified Endpoint Management

Mobile Device Management

An IT support provider in LA can help you ensure devices can be managed remotely. MDM solutions should be centralized, scalable, simplified, and affordable. Specific MDM options are going to be unique to a given business. Essentially, you’re ensuring there are upgrade options, security options, and emergency options established in advance at a location central to your business. 

Enterprise Device Management

EDM is MDM with a larger scope. EDM may extend to content management as well as on-premises MDM options for internal use. It is very similar to MDM.

Enterprise Mobility Management

IT services experts recommend EMM for any mobile tech or network that has a high mobility component. Supply chain vehicles, decentralized operational infrastructure incorporating employees who telecommute from home, and other similar IT situations make EMM a worthwhile move. Proper EMM reduces risk and expedites productivity. 

Unified Endpoint Management

Unified Endpoint Management is essentially another form of MDM, it’s again scope that defines this particular management technique. UEM is more likely to be necessary with corporate or enterprise-level infrastructure. An “endpoint” will generally be a stationary device like a cash register or a desktop, but these days UEM applies to IoT devices.

Finding the Most Effective Management Solutions for Your Business

Our IT support team in LA can help you determine if UEM, MDM, EMM, or EDM is best for your particular business. For more information on mobile management solutions, feel free to get in touch with us at Advanced Networks.

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