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What Is Cloud Compliance?

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IT services providers in Los Angeles often deal with clients who have sensitive information of the “private” variety which comes with legal compliance requirements.

There are general breach notification laws which differ per state, and some legal requirements–like those of HIPAA–which are specific to certain industries, or national. Cloud computing initiates a new “wrinkle” in the compliance sphere.

Cloud Providers Differ in Data Management

Just because you’re working with a top-tier cloud company doesn’t mean they’re able to match the unique requirements of your business in terms of legality or security. Key areas IT support experts in LA commonly advise you to focus on include:

  • Storage and Backup
  • Data Transfer and Access
  • Data Retrieval

Each of these areas necessitates cloud compliance preparedness actions. Generally, internal IT techs will implement necessary compliance, sometimes additional internal departments may become involved.
Additionally, oftentimes internal tech departments just don’t have the same resources as outsourced tech management solutions. There are decision-making considerations which require attention, audits, generalized monitoring, security, protection of data, legal issues, risk management, and governance to factor in. This can get complicated quickly.

Taking Multiple Factors Into Account

IT services providers in Los Angeles can advise your business pertaining to what cloud compliance idiosyncrasies exist between different providers. They’re not all the same. Certain cloud options utilize a grid-based approach, while others use lists.

Some providers categorize data, others use different organizational methods. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud incorporates lists, Google and Microsoft are more interested in grid-based approaches.
If you don’t review everything very carefully, details like this can put you at risk of compromising Personal Information (PI) for which you’re legally liable. IT experts advise you must avoid assumptions, and seek consultation to cover all your bases.

Facilitating Comprehensive Compliance, Even Including Cloud Options

At Advanced Networks, our IT services team in Los Angeles can help you facilitate compliance in the midst of multiple legal requirements for differing businesses and localities. Additionally, we can help you understand the idiosyncrasies differentiating various cloud providers. As cloud computing becomes more integral to professional IT utility, associated management becomes more integral. Contact us for more information on cloud compliance, and your best tactics for secure operations in this area.

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