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If you are on the lookout for managed IT services in Orange County, you will benefit from all the advantages a team of IT experts has to give. These services include a reliable and secure network to ensure your business runs smoothly. Poor compliance can, however, affect your company’s IT infrastructure. The compliance factors that can compromise your network’s security include:

Third-Party Access

Companies increasingly depend on third-party vendors to host their data and other assets as well as infrastructure. This external reliance encourages a range of cyber threats to a firm’s network. Typically, the safety of the vendors’ systems will not be as closely-managed as the infrastructure of the firm. The danger is more critical if you host sensitive data with third-party providers.

When looking for managed IT services, look for protection from threats related to third-party access. Your benefits should include vendors and security procedures to guide your vendors when they are accessing and handling your company’s information.

Allowing Employees to Use their Personal Gadgets on the Network

Accommodating personal devices on your company’s network is an unsafe IT practice. Most of the time, the staff will log onto social media using links with embedded malware. If they proceed and download a file or application, they can introduce malware to the entire network. If the risk is not addressed quickly, it may reach your company’s servers and compromise sensitive data.

The manage IT services provider you must choose should avail foolproof technical controls, which can include solid device-lock restrains. You can use device management settings to lock out personal devices.

General Data Protection Regulation

Europe’s GDPR offers a comprehensive guide for companies when they are handling data. Companies must be keen on how they collect, process, and reserve data gathered from European residents and firms. Businesses will be held accountable under the legislation and will even be liable for breaches in network security.

To ensure that you have visibility of your company’s data at all times, you should get a managed IT services provider in Orange County that tracks data processing and storage. Companies are also tasked with minimizing the risk of network downtime.

Outdated Software, Operating Systems, and Applications

Outdated systems present the serious threat of a ransomware attack. In the world of IT security, new vulnerabilities are constantly cropping up, leaving your network open to more severe malware threats. Providers like Microsoft will typically end support of outdated systems after a period of time, which means that such systems will not be receiving security updates.

Software updates will boost the security of your network by addressing security flaws and protecting your data.

Final Thoughts

A secure network system is every company’s dream. Having a managed IT services provider in Orange County will boost your company’s productivity by bringing IT expertise to your infrastructure. Ensure your employees and third-party vendors adhere to the security protocols. Contact us now at Advanced Networks to enjoy a robust and compliant IT network.

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