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The Cost-Effectiveness of Leasing Computer Equipment in the Form of Haas from LA IT Support Providers

LA IT supportIt is no doubt that technology keeps advancing, and so does LA IT support services. For instance, a new service now available is a model known as Hardware as a Service (HaaS). This is a model for procurement, which is almost the same as licensing or leasing. Through HaaS, a business leases computer equipment from a managed service provider (MSP) rather than purchasing the same equipment.

Adopting the HaaS models means that the equipment installed at your premises actually belongs to the vendor or your MSP. The equipment undergoes a performance test before it is installed at your business premises. You are then given an SLA (service level agreement), which defines both your obligations and those of your LA IT support provider.

Leasing computer equipment has been proven more cost-effective. It is the perfect model for businesses of all sizes, especially ones working on a limited budget. Similarly, if you need equipment that must receive regular updates, this is the perfect model for you.

Businesses can make payments when leasing hardware in two ways. One is to make monthly payments for the use of the leased hardware. The other one is incorporating the leasing fee into the overall MSP package fee for the installation, maintenance, and monitoring of the hardware.

Other Benefits of Leasing

Apart from the cost factor, leasing comes with other benefits that cannot be ignored. Leasing enables you to use the latest equipment in the market. Of course, computers and other technology equipment become obsolete after some time. Your vendor bears the financial burden of obsolesce. This means that once the lease expires, you can lease the latest version of the equipment in question.

With leasing, your business accesses sophisticated technology, such as VoIP, which could otherwise be unaffordable to you. This enables you to keep up with your competitors without draining your finances. In addition, when leasing, your IT consultant will help you identify your needs and match them with the right equipment.

You also get predictable monthly expenses, helping you budget more effectively. Since most leasers never charge a downpayment, you will not struggle much with your finances. What is more, when the equipment starts showing a sign of wear and tear, your leasing company is responsible for decommissioning, recycling, and making replacements.

Leasing technology equipment is a great way for businesses to acquire modern hardware. An LA IT support provider will come in handy in determining your needs and the right hardware to lease. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about HaaS and other IT services. Our experts will guide you on how to get the best technology cost-effectively.

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