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Cryptojacking is the illegitimate use of a computing device or other connected device for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. The mined cryptocurrency is then used to purchase products or services. In fact, crypto can even be exchanged for real dollars. Cryptocurrency is mined on a computer with the use of an encrypted mathematical equation that eventually results in the generation of a Bitcoin or similar digital currency.

Unfortunately, cryptojacking is expanding with each passing year. Cyber evildoers are looking for every opportunity to mine as much cryptocurrency as possible. After all, only a certain number of Bitcoins can be mined, meaning there is a race to the finish line. Our IT support team in LA is here to help you prevent hackers from using your computing power for crypto purposes.

The Basics of Cryptojacking

Cryptojacking occurs as mining coins on one’s own computer would take a considerable amount of time and cost an abundance of money. Mining crypto is inherently costly due to the use of electricity and computing equipment that is not exactly cheap. The use of others’ devices through cryptojacking expands the rate at which cryptocurrency is mined without paying for additional computer hardware.

Cryptojacking sometimes occurs with the use of emails that add cryptomining code to a computer through phishing. The target receives an email message containing an attachment or link, clicks the link/attachment and ends up with a code that downloads the script necessary to conduct cryptomining on his or her computer in the background.

Cryptojacking also occurs with web browser mining. This approach involves hackers adding cryptomining scripts to a site/online ad, infecting those who visit and executing the script. The code completes mathematical problems in both types of cryptojacking, transmitting the results to the server used by the hacker. The victim is clueless the entire time.

The Fight Against Cryptojacking

Our IT support team in LA can help you prevent cryptojacking from hijacking your computing power for nefarious purposes. A robust internet security software suite makes it that much easier to thwart cryptojacking attempts. Furthermore, the addition of ad-blocking extensions and those designed to prevent cryptomining provide another form of protection for your web browser. Furthermore, if a link, email attachment or email message itself looks even somewhat shady, resist the temptation to click it!

Advanced Networks is at Your Service!

Our IT support team in LA can help you avoid cryptojacking and other digital threats. Reach out to us to find out more about our digital security services and IT expertise.

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