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IT support LAIf you still haven’t talked to your IT support provider in LA about the dark web, now is the time to ask. The dark web is that nebulous part of the internet. Its users are anonymous and untraceable because special software is required to access it.

Dark Web vs. Deep Web

The dark web is only a small part of the deep web, which is the part of the internet not indexed by search engines. The deep web is not necessarily questionable or suspicious, just more private. For example, the messages in your password-protected email account are part of the deep web. Anything confidential that search engines can’t reach is in the deep web.

On the Wrong Side of the Law

The dark web is often shady and used for illegal activities. That’s not always the case — some people use it to bypass censorship, communicate freely, and access public information hidden away from them. You have to remember that some countries are hostile to free speech, so their citizens have to resort to the dark web. Nevertheless, the dark web has been associated with the digital black market where one can buy weapons, drugs, counterfeit currency, fake passports, login credentials to hacked subscription accounts, compromised gift cards, and even assassins’ services if you look hard enough.

It sounds intriguing and admittedly fascinating, but why should you and your provider of IT support in LA care about all these? As it turns out, there is a big reason.

Hottest Items on Sale

In the dark web, personal information is one of the biggest commodities. Birthdates, home addresses, Social Security numbers, credit/debit card numbers — these are for sale at cheap prices, ready to be used for nefarious purposes (like taking out loans under a stolen identity). Where do the sellers get such data? From security breaches, of course. Although cybercriminals target individuals via phishing sites and other scams, they prioritize businesses because one attack can yield hundreds, thousands, or even millions of data sets.

What It Means to You

If your company becomes a victim of a security breach, your customers’ data can end up in the dark web. Exposing your customers to such dangers will not only cause them to abandon your business, but also to engage your company in legal battles and ask for large settlements (and rightfully so).

Thus, it’s crucial for your company to partner with a provider of IT support in LA that has extensive experience in securing systems. Taking a heuristic approach, we at Advanced Networks are well-versed in enterprise-level security practices and procedures. Contact us now to secure your business.

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