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Deep fakes are a type of AI technology that makes it possible to digitally transplant a person’s face onto another person’s body. Deep fake technology isn’t only limited to visual images but can also imitate how an individual speaks. One of the dangers of deep fakes is that cybercriminals can use this innovative technology in a wide range of ways. IT support professionals in LA can help you learn more about this technology to ensure your business stays safe and protected.

Here are a few of the main dangers of deep fake technology and some ways to protect your business from them.


One of the risks of deep fake technology is the potential for spreading false information about a company. Using this sophisticated technology makes it possible to spread convincing lies without most people realizing the video or audio is fake. Sometimes a company can become a victim of this attack without even knowing it before it’s too late.

Reputation Issues

Another problem with deep fakes is that it can ruin your reputation if someone uses your face on another body in a movie without your permission. For example, a hacker can threaten to release a fake video to the public unless you pay a ransom fee. Working with IT support experts in LA is critical in helping you find the best way to respond to these threats while limiting the impact of these attacks.


Deep fake technology makes it easy for cybercriminals to perform a variety of scams. These scams will only continue to get worse as this technology becomes more available. Educating your employees on how to avoid phishing, identify theft, and other scams is essential in staying proactive against these threats.

Our IT support team in LA can help you learn more about the dangers of deep fake technology and keep your business protected. Get in touch with us Advanced Networks to learn more about how our IT services can protect your LA business from any kind of cyber threats. 

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