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What is a VPN?

IT support LAIT support firms in LA may characterize a Virtual Private Network, or VPN, as digitally expanding the boundaries of your network. Say you had a team of employees working in “the field.” Provided they had a secure internet connection, then they could do that fieldwork from your VPN, reducing security compromise and maintaining operational efficiency.

Reasons and Times of Use

Owing to cloud computing and other decentralization considerations, differing options may or may not recommend VPN use for your business. Consultation is wise to help you consider variables otherwise invisible from an interior perspective.

MSPs can see your operation and advise you with greater clarity as they know the answers to questions you’ve yet to realize need asking. In any event, some of the times and reasons to use VPNs include:

For General Security on Network Devices Using Public Wi-Fi

IT support firms in LA will advise VPN use for secure network access on public Wi-Fi networks. Such public networks can have hidden malicious elements in them which may infect your network if you use those connections alone for access. Going through a VPN provides an added layer of security which will reduce instances of network compromise from such threats.

As a Means of Total Security or Anonymity, VPNs Fall Short

VPNs won’t make your devices invisible. Also, say you go to a questionable website, click on a link, and incidentally download a virus. Well, you’re not going to be protected from that if your only defense is a VPN. So, when you’re in public, it’s also wise for you to use additional means of protection.

Monitoring and support make sense, as does MFA, or Multi-Factor Authentication. Decentralization as a result of the cloud promotes increasingly remote operations, so it’s also sensible to outline MDM (Mobile Device Management) protocols which extend far beyond the penumbra of a basic VPN.

For some companies, a VPN is an additional step that may or may not be worthwhile. However, even small companies have found that, in 2019’s cybercrime-rich atmosphere, every possible layer of protection is necessary— and probably still isn’t enough.

Balanced VPN Utility

IT support in LA through Advanced Networks can help you determine where VPN utility will most effectively serve your business. Additionally, we can help advise you pertaining to cloud computing solutions, MDM, and MFA options. There’s a lot to protect against— and a lot of options which can allow you to expand the flexibility of operations safely. Contact us for more information.

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