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Malicious KBOT

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IT consulting experts in Los Angeles have recently identified a new sort of “smart” virus which relies on antiquated methods of delivery. Many times, delivery of KBOT comes through a website which has been designed for malicious intent. A phishing email will use varying underhanded methods to trick those who have been messaged into clicking on the URL. When they do so, the malicious website then sends malware to the device which accessed it.

Ways to Prevent KBOT Infection

IT support experts in LA suggest a number of different tactics be used to help keep your network and the devices on that network safe. KBOT can steal all login data, and it can truly wreak havoc on your system. It can deliver itself through both traditional and non-traditional means as well. Accordingly, several tactics to help keep you safe include:

Get the Strongest Security Software and Update It Regularly

An IT consulting firm in Los Angeles can help you determine the best security software and additionally automate patches to that software. Viruses like KBOT transition in terms of their delivery methods to outpace antivirus software. You’ve got to keep yours updated or it’s useless.

Assure All Integral Files Are Properly Backed Up

You must adopt regular backup practices–if you can continuously backup data, that’s best. If you can’t, backing up at intervals is a good step. Whatever you do, assure your most important files are properly protected, and keep that up.

Monitor Network Operations

Monitoring network operations and individual devices helps you detect anomalous activity. Such activity often indicates some sort of virus. The right MSP can provide you with effective monitoring solutions.

Keep Your Network Safe

An IT consulting firm in Los Angeles like Advanced Networks can monitor networks and devices, help you backup your most important data, and provide you with patching solutions including automated update options. Such techniques are key in preventing KBOT from impacting your operation, as well as other malicious viruses making the rounds. To learn more, get in touch with us!

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