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Effective IT Support in LA Offers Proactive Maintenance Solutions

The Value of Proactive Maintenance

IT support LAYour IT support provider in LA should feature proactive solutions for greatest effectiveness. You’re more likely going to find such services under a fixed-rate paradigm of service delivery rather than some break-fix IT service model.

Break-fix service delivery focuses on fixing problems when they develop rather than preventing them from developing at all. Proactive support keeps a digital finger on the pulse of operations at all times in order to ensure things are moving along as intended. If something is noticed, it is addressed beforehand.

Proactive support not only prevents issues, though; it additionally helps preserve software and hardware operations over the long haul. Think of it exactly like proactive maintenance on your vehicle.

With a car, it is totally possible to get more than a million miles on the odometer–those that do join the “million mile club”. Here’s how such a thing is accomplished: first and foremost, regularly scheduled maintenance is undergone at intervals. Fluids are changed, like that pertaining to oil, and transmission. Parts are switched out as they become compromised–belts, fuel pumps, water pumps, etc. Tires are changed. Windows are replaced, and by a million miles, the chassis is about the only original component on the vehicle.

Keeping Pace with Tech

In contrast, your on-site servers will need similar updates, replacements, and management over time. Technology doubles on itself at eighteen-month intervals, so the shelf-life of laptops, desktops, and servers is going to be about five years maximum. Depending on your business, this time period could be much less. Five years represents over three exponentially-doubled time periods.

Fifty-four months is four and a half years. A cutting-edge server holding 50 terabytes would hold 100 by the next 18-month iteration. The second iteration there would bump things to 200 terabytes, and the third to 400 terabytes. A 50 terabytes server cannot compete with one at 400 terabytes. This is hypothetical, but you get the idea— upgrades are necessary.

Striking a Balance

IT support experts in LA can help you strike the proper balance. Obviously, you won’t be buying a new server every eighteen months! You want to get at least three years out of it if possible. Proactive maintenance will ensure you get at least two Moore’s Law periods out of your servers, if not three. Such applicability extends beyond servers, as well.

Comprehensive Protection

An IT support provider in LA like Advanced Networks can save you time and money through fullest maturation of equipment investment. Additionally, we can help prevent viruses and other intrusive agents from impacting operations by detecting and addressing anomalous behavior. Contact us now for more information.

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