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It’s Important to Take Security Measures on Social Media

IT services professionals in Los Angeles recognize social media as a primary avenue of professional business egress in modernity. Social media outlets often function like digital billboards in today’s world. The big difference is in terms of security. Billboards won’t expose you as much as social media. 

IT support providers in LA strongly advise being conscientious about how you use Facebook and Twitter–among other social media avenues. Following are tips that are by no means exhaustive as regards best practices when using these platforms. 

Always Lock Devices When Not In Use

IT services experts in Los Angeles strongly advise keeping devices locked when no one is using them. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers should never be left unattended and unlocked. Doing so is virtually inviting someone to incorrectly use social media. If they don’t, remote hackers can manipulate accounts with the primary user being totally unaware. Always lock devices when they’re not being used.

Keep Passwords Updated At Intervals

Passwords should be updated every couple of weeks ideally. A new daily password isn’t a bad idea, though it’s not too feasible owing to inconvenience. At minimum, change that password every six months. A “happy medium” seems to be updating passwords monthly.

Reduce Personal Information 

IT professionals advise putting as little Personal Information, or PI, on social media as possible. As a business, contact information and other similar details are necessary. However, proprietary secrets, primary business locations, and other things may not be necessary. If it doesn’t have to be on social media, then don’t put it there.

Securing Facebook and Twitter

IT services professionals in Los Angeles advise reducing personal information, renewing passwords at intervals, and always locking devices when people aren’t using them. That applies not just for Facebook and Twitter, but any social media. To learn more about best practices in social media security, get in touch with us at Advanced Networks.

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