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managed IT services Orange CountyIf your business cannot afford in-house IT professionals, a more viable alternative is outsourcing to a managed IT services provider (MSP) in Orange County. Besides cost-cutting, there are multiple benefits to working with a skilled IT team that has experience in troubleshooting a wide range of technology issues. Here are important factors to consider when choosing an MSP:

Fast Support at All Times

One of the most important advantages of working with a managed IT services provider in Orange County is that you’ll have access to remote tech support at all times. The best IT firms are the ones that want to establish long-term relationships with clients. They do that by being dependable at maintaining business continuity and resolving technical problems quickly.

Make sure you have access to a 24-hour help desk and you have a clear idea on how much downtime will be involved per issue. It helps if your IT team has designed a disaster recovery plan so that you’re prepared for emergencies.

Technical Expertise

Another major plus to working with an MSP is that you’ll be able to tap into a pool of deep technical knowledge. This expertise will be the key to quick problem-solving, evaluating your infrastructure, running multiple tests, and providing recommendations for hardware, software, and cloud services. It’s best to work with certified professionals who keep up with new technology, which is essential for strong cybersecurity.

You should consider whether or not the IT team provides onsite services in case you have issues with hardware installation or maintenance. Find out the range of support the firm provides and make sure it is clearly spelled out in the service level agreement (SLA), which should explain all the duties and responsibilities of the provider. Ask yourself if you are able to enter a long-term contract.

There are plenty of reasons to consider outsourcing to a managed IT services provider in Orange County, especially if you lack onsite expertise. Contact us at Advanced Networks for more information about managed IT services so that we can help you focus on your business goals.

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