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IT support specialists in LA advise both that your backup and recovery should define data network management. These aren’t the same thing. Backup is keeping all your information somewhere safe that’s separate from the primary network in case of substantial losses. Recovery represents a series of steps used to reboot the old system to where it was.

IT consulting experts in LA advise a number of steps should be taken to establish and maintain both backup and recovery. Following are three key strategies to help you get digitally started on the “right foot”, as it were:

1. Multiple Backups

IT support professionals in LA advise multiple backups. Have one complete backup “image” of data on-site. Have another, perhaps, on the cloud. Put together a third at a physical location that’s not on-site.

2. Testing Backup and Recovery Protocols 

Whatever backup solutions you put into place need to be tested. The same is true as regards recovery steps. You need to have “drills” where backups are booted and recovery steps, as well as IT personnel responsible for following them, go through their “paces”.

3. Outsource Examination of Data Networks

It helps to outsource a basic examination of your data network to professionals who bring their exterior perspective to your data network. Such professionals help determine if you’ve got proper backup protocols, and how to put them into place if you don’t.

Being Able to Retain Secure Operations Despite Unexpected Tech Issues

IT support professionals in LA will first advise you need to backup files in more than one location. From there, test both backups and recovery protocols you institute. Lastly, outsource data network examination so you can be sure you get backup and recovery protocols of the highest quality. Such steps should help you most efficiently safeguard your data even in the face of unexpected disasters. To learn more about best practices in creating your data backup plan, get in touch with us at Advanced Networks

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