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Outsourcing to an IT consulting team in Los Angeles is a reliable way to protect your business network and website against a variety of cybercrimes and security threats. An often-overlooked vulnerability is when an attacker uses cross-site scripting, also known as XSS.

Here are important facts to know about XSS and how your IT consultant can guard against this technique that gives hackers control:

What is XSS?

Cross-site scripting is a strategy used by hackers to compromise user selections within a vulnerable application. It’s designed to alter company policies of blocking certain websites. The process involves the attacker using a disguised identity to access confidential data. Cross-site scripting inevitably may lead to altering a vulnerable website so that it delivers malicious JavaScript to users, allowing the hacker to compromise interaction with an application.

XSS attacks can be categorized into three groups, each defined by where the malicious script exists. Reflected XSS, the simplest form of this scripting, encompasses a malicious script that originates from an HTTP request. Stored XSS begins in a website’s database, while DOM-based XSS is based on client-side instead of server-side code.

The most advanced IT consulting firms in Los Angeles stay on top of cybercrime developments and cross-site scripting. It’s best to associate with seasoned cybersecurity experts so that you don’t waste endless hours getting side-tracked by these disruptions.

Why XSS Must Be Addressed

The potential damage caused by XSS can lead to company downtime, data loss and in the worst-case scenarios, financial collapse. If XSS vulnerabilities are not corrected, it can lead to hackers impersonating others to gain trust with unsuspecting users, as well as taking over your computers and controlling applications. Instead of getting entangled in this mess, you can let IT support experts in LA resolve the issue.


It pays off to hire an IT consulting firm in Los Angeles to fight security flaws, which include the use of XSS. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about how our technological solutions for data protection give your company a competitive edge.

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