Getting Help for Unplanned Downtime from your IT Support in Los Angeles

Getting Help for Unplanned Downtime from your IT Support in Los Angeles

IT support Los AngelesEveryone dreads unplanned network downtime. It is bound to happen yet a surprising number of organizations fail to adequately prepare for these crises. If you have not yet allied with an IT support group in Los Angeles, there is a good chance you are woefully unprepared for downtime. Don’t let these hurdles trip up your team. If you fail to adequately prepare for periods of downtime, you will inevitably suffer productivity losses that lead to disgruntled clients and reduced revenue.

Is Your Company Prepared?

The Answer Might Surprise You … When employees are asked whether their company is truly prepared for unplanned downtime, the answers vary quite widely. A recent survey shows nearly three-quarters of C-level executives report their organizations are “very prepared”. However, less than 50 percent of the IT personnel at these same organizations agreed with the executives. This is a major gap that is likely to spur insufficient support for disaster recovery and continuity planning. Such inadequate planning inevitably leaves organizations vulnerable to unexpected downtime that typically lasts long enough to crimp productivity and cause all sorts of other problems.

Why Companies Should Avoid Downtime Incidents at All Costs

Unexpected downtime is extremely expensive. More than half of organizations subjected to major “incidents” stemming from unplanned downtime endure a meaningful financial loss. Nearly one-third of these organizations reported recovery efforts negatively impacted the business and occupied significant staff time. Around 10 percent of these organizations lost systems, applications or data. About half of businesses employing between one and 150 individuals reported an hour of unexpected downtime can cost upwards of six figures or more in lost revenue and diminished productivity. Add in the costs of the IT staff’s remedial actions, litigation and non-compliance penalties and such downtime proves to threaten the viability of Los Angeles business.

How Downtime as Seen by IT Professionals

IT workers view downtime differently than most executives. The ever-increasing reliance on highly complex technology poses a serious risk. IT professionals understand more than 80 percent of unexpected downtime is attributable to hardware failures, application failures, and operational errors. Many executives are unaware of this statistic. A lot of people believe cyber threats are a major cause of downtime when in reality, cyber-attacks cause a mere 13 percent of downtime.

IT professionals should be provided with the resources necessary to adequately prepare for errors and downtime. Disaster recovery requirements must be defined in-depth. A disaster recovery plan crafted by a trustworthy IT support team in Los Angeles is essential. If a fool proof plan is in place, recovery from major incidents will prove that much easier and quicker. It also helps to commit to a multi-site IT strategy. Nearly three-quarters of organizations with this strategy are confident their network, applications and general IT functions will operate during an outage. Such a strategy takes shape in several forms ranging from Disaster Recovery as a Service to transitioning IT infrastructure to a managed service provider environment.

Advanced Networks Information Technology Consultants is an IT support in Los Angeles is here to help you avoid as much downtime as possible. We provide IT services and cloud services including digital security, network design, backup and disaster recovery, hardware as a service and plenty more. Contact us for managed IT services, cloud services and More.

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