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With the adoption of electronic records in healthcare, IT support providers in LA play an important role in the management of patient information to affect both efficiency and security. The increased use of mobile devices poses the chief risk to data. Besides, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) requires stringent protection of patient information otherwise hefty fines apply.

However, with an electronic medical health records system, you can reduce the risk of data loss. Below are the top ways an EHR system can benefit your organization:

IT Compliance

The guidelines of HIPAA require the protection of personally identifiable information but steers clear of general patient data. Thus, you need an acceptable use policy to realize data security for mobile devices. With practical mobile device security policies, you’ll be able to govern the creation, storage, and retrieval of data by the employees.

This implies that unauthorized user actions such as the retrieval of patient files from an unsecured mobile device will be automatically rejected by the back-end data management system.

Also, your organization’s data will be centrally stored based on data deduplication to eliminate the creation of redundant copies on mobile devices, which are prone to hacking attempts.

Improved Patient Safety

IT support providers in LA help with the implementation of electronic health records systems as a means to promote patient safety. First, the system makes it easier to transfer the release of information between your branches and collaboration between medical teams on patient care. This is convenient for both patients and doctors because they can readily access information in a short span of time without duplicating it.

As such, the accessibility of information helps increase patient safety by reducing mistakes that may arise when critical information is missing, especially during an emergency or sensitive treatment procedure such as surgery or the administration of critical medication.

Additionally, this will increase productivity and improve efficiency, significantly.

Improved Healthcare Experience

Patients appreciate a speedy delivery of service; and, you can only improve their experience if your administrative tasks, including the communication of patient records, are running on an efficient EHR system. Without the distraction of administrative workflows, your organization can then focus on patient care.

This implies minimal time is spent on data entry, appointment scheduling, and record keeping. Thus, your patients will enjoy a smooth admittance process, free of redundant steps and get the medical attention they need right away.


To protect against the security risks that arise from the use of mobile devices in healthcare practice, we at Advanced Networks offers specialized IT support in LA for foolproof data storage. Contact us to learn how our services can benefit your healthcare business.

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