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IT consulting in Los Angeles

Nonprofit organizations operate much differently from commercial entities, but can still benefit from IT consulting in Los Angeles. The main reason businesses outsource to third-party IT firms is to simplify technology and cut unnecessary costs. In many ways, nonprofits and IT consultants are a perfect match due to heavy emphasis on cost efficiency and seamless internet connectivity.

Timely Tech Support

One of the best reasons to hire an IT consulting team in Los Angeles is they will provide you with a quick response to technical problems. If your network traffic is slowing down, they can resolve bottlenecks so your network has minimal latency or downtime. Working with a regular consultant who becomes familiar with your system over time is a more efficient way to resolve glitches than turning to a different break-fix support team every time.

Flexible Tech and Scalable Growth

The more flexible your arrangement is with an IT firm, the easier your organization will be able to adapt to economic and technological changes. If you sign a long-term service-level agreement (SLA), it can mean getting stuck with fees you don’t need to pay for a long time. A cloud-based IT service that charges a monthly flat fee will contribute to more accurate budget forecasts.

By working with an experienced IT consultant who keeps up with new technology, you can avoid getting trapped into using old legacy hardware or software. The older technology gets, the more vulnerable it becomes to hackers over time. Setting up a modern infrastructure that integrates well with new technology can help improve cybersecurity and engagement with donors.

Better Donor Security

For nonprofit organizations, the key metrics for measuring performance are volume and amounts of donations. With this information comes confidential financial data that must not leak into the wrong hands. Your IT team can help you set up and protect your long list of donors in a database management platform. They can also help you maintain government compliance with privacy protection laws by choosing and implementing modern cybersecurity solutions.

Some of the ways an IT firm can protect your network from cybercriminals include recommending security layers such as encryption, complex passwords, and the ability to spot email phishing scams. An IT team can also share expertise on more robust security measures such as setting up a virtual private network (VPN), firewalls, and 24/7 monitoring software that detects and blocks suspicious visitors.


Your nonprofit organization can benefit in numerous ways by hiring an IT consulting team in Los Angeles. A seasoned consultant will give you the insights you need for secure online fundraising. Contact us at Advanced Networks to learn more about protecting your digital assets.

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