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Technology Has a Shorter “Life Cycle” Than Many Realize

Working with IT support providers in LA can help your business maximize technology assets through recycling. While a car might be something that can be maintained for many decades, a computer even from 10 years ago is “old hat”; it’s an antiquated piece of hardware that may not even be able to interface with modern tech. Phasing out old tech is fundamental to operational vitality, though it can be costly. Some of that cost can be recouped from hardware recycling; though it will depend on the situation.

Managed IT services providers in Los Angeles can take stock of old technology and help you determine what sort of recycling solutions are available, and which will be most cost-effective. Different tech is recycled in different ways. Consider the following:

  • Collection, Transportation, Disassembly
  • Magnetic And Water Separation
  • Preparation And Resale

Collection, Transportation, Disassembly

IT support providers in LA can get you in contact with collection and transportation services for old tech recycling. If your business has a thousand old monitors, you’ll want that kind of info. Once collected and transported, old hardware will be disassembled by such companies.

Magnetic and Water Separation

Magnets basically pull out metallic elements of shredded hardware to separate it from other waste. Water separation is used to get glass and plastics separated.

Preparation and Resale

Preparation of separated tech and its resale are their own industry, depending on which services you go through, there could be certain financial incentives for certain hardware; some tech has gold in it. Managed services providers (MSPs) can advise you how best to recoup value or offset disposal costs for outdated tech.

Recycling Tech

IT support providers in LA help iron out logistics surrounding collection, transportation, disassembly, dispensation, separation, preparation, and resale of old hardware. Sometimes, this can be done in-house, and there are situations where free or discounted disposal is available for certain hardware. There could even be an opportunity to recoup initial investment costs through recycling; it will depend on the situation. To learn more about associated recycling benefits and details, contact us at Advanced Networks.

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