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IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you get the most balanced encryption. On the one hand, you don’t want it to be too simple or it’s essentially useless. But on the other, if you’ve got encryption that is too complex, nobody will be able to interface with your data. A balance is necessary.

While internal solutions can hit that balance initially, they’re a lot less likely to do so over the long-term, as technology expands on an exponential curve given time. Your internal team can keep up but enabling them to do so will likely cost a lot more than simply working with an outsourced solution. Still, whichever way you choose to go, there are three primary things to consider as regards encryption:

Total Security

IT consultants in Los Angeles can help you determine overall security needs. It’s integral that you’ve got a solution which secures data throughout its “life.” For example, if you’ve got emails that have sensitive information, that data must be secure from the time it is sent, until the time it is received. Varying methods exist to provide such security; some will be more appropriate than others depending on your business.

It’s not just emails you need to consider. Mobile devices accessing your network from an insecure Wi-Fi network can end up allowing cybercriminals access to your sensitive information. Mobile device management (MDM) has its own encryption and device management protocols to consider. Generally, you’ll be able to do more at less cost by working with professional agencies who specialize in such solutions.


Still, it’s important that whatever encryption protocols you have in place are simple to use. You shouldn’t have employees wasting an hour a day just accessing your network. Password changes are essential, but how often they are changed will depend on your business. Sometimes once a month is fine. If you’re working with sensitive enough data, you may need to change access information on a daily basis. This isn’t likely going to be true except in the rarest of situations. It’s the same with encryption; MSP consultants know the balance.


Since technology is always developing, previous encryption is unlikely to be secure enough to prevent future intrusion. Imagine a computer from the eighties against an app from a smartphone today. The smartphone could make mincemeat of even military encryption, were it so old. You must remain contemporary.

IT consultants in Los Angeles from Advanced Networks can help you stay up-to-date, facilitate balanced simplicity, and make sure data is secured from end to end. Contact us to learn more.

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